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Looking for IT Services in Provo?

Provo, Utah is the third largest city in Utah and the southern heart of its “Silicon Slopes,” a high tech area home to many successful and innovative businesses. However, these companies are often spending far too much time and money managing their IT when they could be focusing on the core needs of their business and becoming even more successful.

If your small or midsize business needs IT support in Provo, Utah, consider INTELITECHS’ outsourced IT services. Our team of IT experts can handle every aspect of your company’s IT needs, from network solutions to email management and everything in between.

Outsourced IT Company in Provo, UT

Our outsourced IT services in Provo reduce your company’s labor costs by allowing you to forgo a traditional in-house IT department for your small business. An IT pro who has years of experience often expects a high salary that many small businesses cannot afford. You’ll have access to the same caliber of IT experts through our outsourced services, but you won’t have to deal with the hefty price tag.

Outsourced IT is also great because it allows you access to a wide range of services without having to pay for those services individually. Your employees can focus on core business processes and won’t have to worry about managing IT-related tasks throughout the day. And if anything goes wrong due to a hardware malfunction, natural disaster, or power outage, your contract already covers emergency IT support to get you back up and running quickly.

Outsourced IT in Provo is predictable in both its monthly cost and its efficacy. Whatever concerns you have, an outsourced IT contract with INTELITECHS will ensure those concerns are addressed swiftly and thoroughly. The following are just a few of the services offered by our Provo outsourced IT company.

Provo Network IT Solutions and Cloud Services

Our elite team of IT consultants in Provo specializes in designing and installing new networks, expanding growing networks, and upgrading established networks. INTELITECHS can help you effectively design and install a network that offers speed, flexibility, and reliability. Once your network has been optimally designed, we’ll oversee all maintenance and updates to ensure things keep running smoothly. 

Most businesses have partially or completely transitioned away from on-premises servers and are now using cloud networking for daily business operations. Whether your network is cloud-enabled or fully cloud-based, our IT pros can help you navigate virtual routers, bandwidth, virtual firewalls, network management software, and more. Virtualization enables businesses to deploy more servers and applications, and it makes migration and server versatility easy and effective. 

Data Protection for Provo Area Businesses

Cyber security is a constant concern for any business. Hackers and data thieves are always searching for an easy way to gain access to confidential information they can exploit, from client data and financial information to private company documents. Thousands of networks are compromised each day, resulting in untold financial and data loss. 

Be proactive and take action today to protect your business from cybersecurity threats and compromised networks with INTELITECHS data security solutions in Provo. We’ll provide the help you need using a number of industry-leading security tools and strategies.

Our data security services include:

  • Hassle-free web protection
  • Data backup
  • Data recovery
  • Virus protection
  • Block Ransomware

INTELITECHS makes outsourced data security in Provo hassle-free, effective, and affordable. We’ll take the pressure off your team members so they can focus on their daily tasks without fear of a security breach or data leak.

Learn More About Provo, Utah Managed IT with INTELITECHS

Learn more about how we create customized IT strategies for our clients based on their industry, business size, and more by scheduling a consultation with our IT pros. Contact our outsourced IT experts for Provo, Utah businesses at (801) 917-5533.

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