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Looking for IT Services in Idaho?

Idaho’s natural beauty and affordability have made it one of the fastest growing states, with impressive growth in both its population and its commercial offerings. Southeast Idaho in particular is appealing to residents, tourists, and entrepreneurs alike due to its central location between Salt Lake City Utah and the popular vacation destinations of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Wyoming. 

The city of Idaho Falls serves as the commercial, cultural, and healthcare hub for Southeastern Idaho. Many business owners who live throughout Southeast Idaho choose to locate their startup in Idaho Falls or in nearby Pocatello due to these cities’ amenities.

Technology is instrumental in the success of any Idaho Falls business, large or small. Large corporations spend thousands and millions of dollars each year on an in-house IT department staffed with tech experts, but many businesses in Idaho can’t find room in the budget for even a modest in-house IT team. This often forces small and mid-size business owners to make tough decisions about their hardware, data security, and other vital business components without expert support.

At INTELITECHS, we’re on a mission to make quality outsourced IT in Idaho more affordable and accessible for all business owners. Our Southeast Idaho IT service providers offer constant IT monitoring

Idaho Managed IT Services

A managed services provider is more than just a vendor; we’re a relationship-based, long term IT solution. Our team members take the time to understand your company’s goals and needs so we can offer truly customized IT management, data security, and more. 

In-house IT employees can only monitor your company’s system when they’re on the clock and available to work. As an Idaho outsourced IT provider, INTELITECHS offers 24/7 monitoring of your network security, system health, and overall performance to address potential issues before they arise. You can also use our reports to schedule software updates and network upgrades, plan for optimization, and better understand how your network handles your company’s workload.

Many Idaho businesses use mobile devices in the office to increase efficiency. Other companies use these devices to create secure connections for remote employees. Our team uses a modern approach to device management. Cloud-based management platforms make it easy for us to remotely set passwords, lock USB ports, and enforce screen locks. We’ll keep your mobile devices secure and your data protected. 

Data Security for Idaho Businesses

SE Idaho CEOs and CIOs undoubtedly understand the importance of data security. However, not every company has the ability to hire and maintain a team of in-house IT experts to manage its data security. INTELITECHS helps small and mid-size businesses prioritize security and keep their data safe using firewalls, VPNs, mobile device management, and more.

Cloud-based applications such as Office 365 may also aid businesses in beefing up data security. These apps allow employees to share access to existing documents instead of sending endless attachments that may get into the wrong hands. Security permissions are easily updated, so any problematic data sharing can be addressed quickly. We’ll help your Pocatello, ID small business manage your cloud-based app subscriptions to be sure you don’t pay for unnecessary features. 

Idaho IT Services Providers - Idaho Managed IT Support Services

Idaho Outsourced IT Team for Your Business

INTELITECHS makes outsourced IT in Idaho hassle-free, effective, and affordable. We’ll take the pressure off your team members so they can focus on their daily tasks. Learn more about how we create customized IT strategies for our clients based on their industry, business size, and more by scheduling a consultation with our IT professionals.

Contact our outsourced IT experts for Southeast Idaho small businesses at (208) 408-0222.

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