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Arizona is the 6th largest of the 50 states. Arizona shares the Four Corners region with Utah to the north, Colorado to the northeast, and New Mexico to the east. It is known for its desert climate, its dramatic population growth of the last 50 years, and its rapidly growing economy. Many large companies, such as PetSmart and Circle K, have headquarters in the state. Arizona is also home to several major universities, including the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

Our managed services team works with businesses throughout Arizona to improve network security, manage cloud-based applications like Office 365, and implement 24/7 emergency support. Our clients save money and company resources through our outsourced Arizona IT services, which allow their employees to focus on core daily tasks instead of IT concerns.

Managed IT for Arizona Businesses

All companies need help monitoring and improving their IT systems, but not every company has the budget to hire an entire in-house department dedicated to this task. This is where a Managed IT services team comes in.

Managed services include everything from mobile device management to managed backups and ongoing monitoring. These tasks are vital to your company’s security, but they require advanced knowledge that many small business owners do not possess and a time commitment they cannot afford. When you choose INTELITECHS as your managed services provider, you gain access to an entire team of trained technology professionals who are always here when you need us. Our managed IT approach can help you alleviate stress and set you up for long-term security and success.

There are myriad benefits to outsourcing your IT. Our clients report increased productivity now that their employees don’t have to spend time managing their own software updates and mobile device security. Another benefit is the Predictable cost structure of our services. Normally, an Arizona small business must pay a separate IT company to handle certain problems and emergencies. This causes a fluctuating budget that can be difficult to prepare for. Outsourced IT is a great alternative because your business will pay a consistent monthly fee that grants you access to 24/7 IT support. These are just a few of the benefits of managed IT services. Learn how your company can benefit from outsourced IT.

IT Security Services for Arizona Companies

Your company’s data is precious, so your IT security should reflect its importance to your business. Cyber crimes continue to evolve at a rapid rate; it’s no longer enough to install one-size-fits-all antivirus software and assume you’re protected. A solid security strategy includes firewalls, encryption, antivirus, mobile device management….the list goes on! No one without specialized experience in and knowledge of these areas should attempt to undertake such important tasks.

When we begin working with a new client in Arizona, assessing existing IT security is always phase one. We’ll take a look at what seems to be working for your company and what must be improved to guarantee continued security. Our managed detection and response team is here to provide near-instantaneous detection of malware and malicious activity in your network. Your dedicated, around-the-clock team will handle incident response to eliminate potential threats before they wreak havoc on your business. By catching and containing possible security breaches, you’ll save money and minimize downtime. You’ll also sleep soundly when you know your company’s IT security is in good hands with INTELITECHS.

Arizona Business IT Solutions and Products

INTELITECHS helps companies in Arizona manage and update hardware such as desktop computers and mobile devices; builds custom servers to meet clients’ unique needs; complete server migrations; and manage cloud computing programs and storage. Our extensive knowledge of hardware allows us to find the computers, firewalls, and servers that meet your company’s objectives. We offer high-quality, customized desktop and laptop solutions, and we provide a two-year parts warranty so you can stay up to date on your hardware.

Cloud computing is common among Arizona businesses, but not every company has moved away from on-premises servers and desktop programs. Our team will help you understand the risks and benefits of the cloud and how you can utilize those technologies to power your business. If you currently use cloud storagewe’ll monitor your data to ensure continued security. Your business is unique, and so are your IT needs. Let’s work together to find the solutions and products that work for you.

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Managed IT Services + Security in Arizona 

INTELITECHS is here to provide comprehensive IT management and support for your business located anywhere in Arizona. Our Arizona managed services providers will assess your current IT strategies, address potential issues, and create a plan to prevent future emergencies. Take the pressure off yourself and your team members by working with our IT experts.

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