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Looking for IT Services in Salt Lake City?

It’s not known as “Silicon Slopes” for nothing; the mountainous metropolitan area around Salt Lake City is a rapidly growing center of technological innovation.

Companies like SanDisk, EA Sports, eBay, and Adobe all have offices in the Salt Lake City area. Businesses large and small recognize Salt Lake City as a noteworthy, growing technology community and an appealing place to set up shop. 

One thing all these companies have in common is their need for IT support services. When Salt Lake City technology companies need emergency IT support, network solutions, and data protection, they turn to INTELITECHS.

Our Salt Lake City team of managed IT services experts offers 24 hour troubleshooting, network solutions, email management, cloud computing services, and more.

Whether you’re a large, well-established company or a small business just starting out, we offer tailor-made IT services that will exceed your expectations.

Salt Lake City Data Protection and Security

As cyber attacks continue to become more sophisticated, data protection and security become an issue of risk assessment. INTELITECHS’ data protection and security team is constantly evaluating new technology to determine whether it can help keep your company protected against cyber attacks and data breaches. We’ll provide the help you need using tools from web security, firewalls, and next-generation Antivirus.

Emails can also pose a serious security risk if they are not properly filtered. Our outbound email filtering service ensures all emails leaving the corporate network are free of protected information. This service reduces the risk of non-compliance and employee misuse of company resources. Our email management services for Salt Lake City also keep malware, spam, worms, and viruses out of your network.

Emergency IT Support for Salt Lake City Companies

Does your company have a plan for when disaster strikes? Power outages, natural disasters, data corruption, and hardware malfunction can all cause IT emergencies for companies in Salt Lake City. When accidents happen, you need expert support to quickly solve the issue. INTELITECHS’ emergency IT support experts in Salt Lake City are available 24/7 to get your business back on track. 

Many businesses in Salt Lake City don’t have the procedures in place to prevent future accidents and disruptions. Our IT experts in Salt Lake City will help you create fluid systems to maintain daily operations in the event of an emergency. We’ll also implement an IT recovery plan for all your essential systems. 

Outsourced IT in Salt Lake City

Many companies in Salt Lake City initially attempt to create an in-house department responsible for things like network monitoring, data backup, and systems operation and support services. These companies quickly realize this approach leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and less secure data and systems. Ultimately, it’s best for most companies to choose an outsourced IT company. When you outsource your IT needs, you gain the freedom to focus on your business full-time.

At INTELITECHS, we provide outsourced IT services for Salt Lake City companies that want to save money while increasing security and compliance. By understanding our clients’ daily operations, we use our technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support. Our team of qualified network technicians provides nearly immediate response times via remote and onsite technical support options, meaning less downtime and less stress.

Salt Lake City Network Solutions for Businesses

Every business in Salt Lake City needs fast, flexible, and reliable network solutions. When you choose INTELITECHS for your network needs in Salt Lake City, our elite team of IT consultants will develop an individualized plan for your business to upgrade and improve performance through server solutions, network installation and design, and cloud storage support.

We know it’s important for your employees to have a positive user experience, whether they are working on-premises or through the cloud. Our network solutions specialists in Salt Lake City will analyze your systems using the latest technology to upgrade and improve performance through server solutions, network installation and design, and cloud storage support. And once we’ve optimized your network, we’ll be available for emergency IT support to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Managed IT Services for Orem, Utah Businesses - INTELITECHS

Cloud Services for Companies in Salt Lake City

Many Salt Lake City companies are moving to a remote or hybrid workforce as employees desire flexible schedules and the ability to work from home. This makes it necessary for companies to transition from on-premises servers to using the cloud for data storage, critical networking, and to access the apps and programs they need. The benefits of cloud computing are numerous. Businesses operating via the cloud are less likely to have interruptions due to server malfunctions, system maintenance, or outages. It also allows businesses to access data and analytics when and where they need it. 

INTELITECHS can help your company implement cloud computing in Salt Lake City, whether that means completely transitioning from on-prem servers or just tying up some loose ends to make your company fully reliant on the cloud. And if you’re not prepared to switch to 100% cloud computing, we’ll help design a hybrid system that meets your company’s needs.

Exceeding Your IT Expectations in Salt Lake City

If you’re a business searching for an IT firm in Salt Lake City, look no further than INTELITECHS. Our satisfied clients come from companies large and small, new and old. We’re excited to help you perfect all IT aspects of your company. No matter the size of your company, having an IT consultant to count on makes all the difference. 

Our team is available 24 hours a day for troubleshooting and emergency technical support. We’ll also help you create a reliable and secure system that addresses all your company’s IT needs so you can be sure to avoid emergencies in the future. 

INTELITECHS provides the tools and resources necessary to make all your Salt Lake City company’s technical functions simple. Call or email our 24-hour tech support team today for a free consultation. You can reach us at our Salt Lake City office by calling 801-917-5533.

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