When your servers are down or your hardware isn’t cooperating, who do you turn to? Many small business owners are forced to handle their own IT support because they can’t afford to maintain an in-house team. But if you’re currently interested in finding someone who is better equipped to handle IT snafus, managed IT services companies are a great place to start. Not only are these IT support teams more affordable than an in-house department, they are just as effective at monitoring your systems and troubleshooting when problems arise.

Unfortunately, not all IT support teams live up to these expectations. Here’s how to spot a great IT support team that will benefit – not hinder – your business.

Won’t Neglect Mobile Devices

Remote work has essentially become the norm in the past few years, so most employees are using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to conduct business in their home. Mobile device management is one of the most crucial components of your company’s IT strategy. When an employee has an issue with their laptop, will your IT support company be equipped to remotely address these issues in a timely manner? And if you hope to cut down on these issues in the first place, what is your IT team’s plan for effectively managing these devices? Employee IT education, security monitoring, and remote device management are all necessary components of any security strategy.

Invested In the Partnership

Your IT support team should treat you as more than just another client. Each business that works with an outsourced IT provider deserves to feel heard and supported. Unfortunately, IT departments are often slow to respond, disrespectful, and only do what they think is best. Our goal as a company has always been to partner with our clients in a way that makes us the people you go to for help, where you don’t feel belittled, and things get done. We’re vocal about this philosophy, just like other IT companies that put their customers first. It should be easy for you to spot these “green flags” when researching different IT support companies.

Offers Emergency IT Services in Utah

Having an issue with a single device or even a certain application isn’t always considered an emergency, but there are certain events that are definitely IT emergencies and should be treated as such. The cost of fixing these unexpected issues can add up quickly when you don’t have an IT support team on standby. If your managed IT services provider doesn’t include emergency IT services in your monthly plan, you’ll be forced to hire a third party to do damage control. This fate is easy to avoid when you choose an IT support team that offers prompt emergency IT support. When you can’t wait until the next business day, you can count on your support team to solve the problem quickly.

IT Services Utah

Our managed IT services team is here for you anytime you need support. If you’ve experienced an IT emergency like a power outage, we’ll help you get things back up and running as soon as possible. If your employees need a refresher on proper mobile device management or data security, we’ll conduct IT security training to get the whole team on the same page. Our support services go beyond responsive action; we take a proactive approach to cut down on the IT issues you experience. Let’s discuss how our IT support team can help your company. Contact our office to get started.