The rapidly adapting and evolving nature of technology forces Utah companies to prioritize digital interaction with clients and customers. It’s impossible to do this successfully without IT technical support, so many companies attempt to create an in-house department responsible for things like network monitoring, data backup, and systems operation and support services. But this approach often leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and less secure data and systems. Now, many Utah businesses are discovering the benefits of outsourcing their IT services by partnering with companies like ours. At INTELITECHS, we believe outsourced IT services are a great choice for most businesses, especially small to midsize Utah companies that want to save money while increasing security and compliance. By understanding our clients’ daily operations, we use our technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your IT services.

Reduce Labor Costs

Training and retaining an in-house IT department is costly for any business. IT experts can make upwards of six figures a year because of their specialized training and knowledge. In Utah, an average IT manager salary is $117,000 annually. Many companies simply can’t afford it. On the flip side, hiring temporary IT employees is often disappointing; these employees rarely have time to get a feel for the company before they begin, and your limited investment will be reflected in the quality of their work. By choosing outsourced IT, you’ll have access to highly skilled workers at a fraction of the labor cost.

Enjoy Expanded Resources

While large companies may have access to unlimited IT resources, smaller companies often do not. These companies are forced to pass up specialized IT services due to a lack of funds. Thankfully, outsourced IT firms in Utah have built rich networks with other IT professionals and can call on them for assistance when needed. When you choose a firm like INTELITECHS, your business – no matter its size – will have access to the most cutting-edge IT applications and software.

Outsourcing Allows You to Focus on Core Business

Small and mid-sized companies often ask employees to wear several hats. Some make the mistake of assuming they can put an employee in charge of IT troubleshooting without the proper training; this often leads to disaster. If you’re not an IT company, why should your employees be worrying about IT? Instead of putting existing employees in charge of IT damage control, focus on what your team does best and leave the rest to a Utah outsourced IT department. Outsourcing will allow your employees to stay focused on what they are skilled at, trained for, and paid to do.

Guarantee Compliance and Security

There’s no such thing as too safe when it comes to data protection. In the last several years, we have seen even major corporations such as T-Mobile, Target, and V-Tech experience data breaches. In most cases these breaches have widespread and long-lasting ramifications for the company and its clients. To safeguard against these breaches of data, companies must be up to date on the latest governing standards. Business owners must ensure their firewall is current, company workstations and servers are audited, and that the company has implemented and adhered to current PCI security standards. A qualified outsourced IT provider can minimize the risks associated with keeping sensitive data by performing security audits, helping with compliance, and more.

Outsourcing IT Increases Competitiveness

Companies that spread employees too thin risk losing their competitive edge. When you choose to do all your IT work in-house, you’ll end up spending more time and money on research, development, and implementation. These costs have to be recouped somewhere, and they’ll often end up being passed on to your clients. Outsourcing your IT to a Utah IT firm means your employees won’t waste time trying to learn the intricacies a skilled IT team already knows. This will save the company and its customers money while allowing leaders to focus on what they do best and further their organization’s goals.

Outsourced IT Services in Salt Lake City

INTELITECHS’ IT support business consultants solve daily technical issues and act as advisors to recommend and implement innovative technologies. By understanding our clients’ daily operations, we use our technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support. Whether your company is small or large, we focus on making your IT experience the best it can be. No matter your needs, INTELITECHS will design an individualized IT solution to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us at (801) 917-5533 to get started.