Your company’s data is vitally important, and you should do everything possible to protect it. Cyber crime is an important consideration for businesses, but it isn’t the only way to compromise the integrity of your secure data. Managed backups help keep your important data immune from costly and devastating disasters like server failures and accidental deletion. Here’s more on why small and midsize companies should consider working with a managed service provider to ensure your backups are properly managed.

What Are Managed Backups?

Managed backups refer to the monitoring of your company’s backups to ensure ongoing integrity. Managed services providers in Utah oversee your backups of cloud-based software, onsite appliances, and local device backups. Cloud software like Office 365 stores company data and documents that must be stored in a remote server location (not on Microsoft servers) for security. Onsite appliances are devices installed on premises to backup your server; the data is stored in a cloud data center. Local device backups are especially important for remote workers because they ensure the data saved locally (on the device) is backed up to a cloud server. A lost or damaged device becomes a smaller issue when the local data has been backed up. 

Should I Work with A Managed Backups Provider?

At INTELITECHS we believe every single business can benefit from managed backups.

Regular data backups are nonnegotiable, but most business owners don’t have the IT knowledge or time in their day to manage their automatic backups or handle things manually. Companies that choose not to use backup safeguards can assume they will lose data when they run into hardware issues or an IT emergency – and these common issues are all but guaranteed to happen to a company at some point.  

Downtime is costly. Managed backups can act as a safety net to quickly get your business back up and running even when you face disaster. Small businesses in Utah face many challenges that can be stressful and time consuming, but managed backups don’t need to be one more thing to worry about. You’ll experience increased peace of mind when you know you’re able to quickly recover from an IT emergency. 

Managed Backups Provider for Utah Businesses

Few small companies have the ability and resources to manage backups without the assistance of a managed services provider like INTELITECHS. Our team understands the intricacies of proper backups, and we’ll use a designated IT strategy we’ve created for your business to monitor these systems around the clock. To get started with a managed services provider of your own, contact INTELITECHS