An office fire or flood is one of the most destructive things that can possibly happen to a business. Once you know everyone is safe, you must start to consider everything that could have been damaged during the disaster. Both water and fire can damage hardware and prevent you from accessing your data. In some cases, your data may be completely lost to a natural disaster. The negative implications of this data loss cannot be overstated. Losing access to vital data for several days has been proven to lead to the demise of many businesses.

Don’t let a natural disaster destroy the company you’ve worked hard to create and maintain. Follow these tips to keep your data safe even during unexpected setbacks.

Create a Reliable Data Backup Strategy

Having a reliable data backup strategy is an absolute requirement for any company that doesn’t want to risk its reputation and ability to function after a natural disaster. And a fire or flood isn’t the only IT emergency that may require you to access your backed-up data. Security breaches, lost or stolen devices, and power outages can also cause data loss without proactively implementing the proper precautions. Work with your Utah managed IT services provider to create a strategy for creating and managing your backups, so you can be absolutely certain that your backups will be sufficient no matter what happens.

Check That Your Backup Is Functioning

It’s great to have a comprehensive data backup strategy that addresses every single bit of data at your company, but what is it worth if it doesn’t work as it should? Automatic backups are much more than “set it and forget it.” They must be maintained and monitored to ensure that the backups remain current and data doesn’t fall through the cracks. Utah managed IT support companies offer 24/7 monitoring of your backups to keep things up and running as intended.

Maintain A Device Inventory

After a natural disaster, you’ll need to take stock of the damages to computers and other devices. By creating and maintaining an accurate device inventory, you’ll be able to quickly identify any devices that may have been destroyed by fire or flood. This will allow you to determine what data was saved to the desktop and may be inaccessible in the coming days. Once you’re equipped with this information, you can create a plan for accessing your backups from another device.

Post-Disaster IT Support Services in Utah

If you’d like to increase your company’s protections against natural disasters, contact NEXUS IT’s managed IT services team. Our Utah network IT solutions help clients maintain secure, backed up networks with ease. Your expert IT team will be there to help you bounce back quickly after an IT emergency like a fire or flood. Contact us today to get started!