IT Solutions + Products for Utah Businesses

 Business IT products to help improve the quality, efficiency, and success of your daily operations. At INTELITECHS, our team of trained, reliable, IT professionals are available anywhere, any time for all of your IT solution needs.

Change Your IT Experience with Tailored Solutions + Products

Understanding Your Unique IT Needs

At INTELITECHS, we know the importance of a tailored approach to IT. Your business is unique, and so are your IT needs. Our team of trained, Utah IT experts are here to find the solutions and products that work for you. From hardware management like desktops, laptops, and servers to cloud computing and migration to Office 365, we’re here to support you. 

As a Managed IT Services Provider located in Utah, INTELITECHS offers customer a wide range of outsourced IT services. Finding the right products and solutions is a crucial piece of that. We will work with you to determine cost-effective solutions to streamline your IT. Contact our IT solutions experts today.

  • Hardware Management
  • Workstations
  • Custom-built Servers
  • Network Solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Server Migrations
  • Office365 + Email Migration

Hardware Sales

It is essential to have dependable hardware to carry out important business tasks.

Cloud Solutions

We can help you harness the power of the cloud to improve your business operations.

Server Migration

Need to retire an old server or upgrade to the cloud? Our IT experts are here to help.

Office 365 Migration

Ready to make the move to O365? Our team will help you make a stress-free transition!

Hardware Sales for Businesses in Utah


Hardware Management

A challenge we see frequently for many Utah businesses is how to manage and replace computer assets on a balanced rotation. If your computer systems are impacting employee efficiency, it’s time to consider an upgrade. We can help you manage this process and ensure employees don’t waste company time on slow, outdated PCs. At INTELITECHS, we believe that your hardware should never be a limiting factor to your success.


Tailored Workstations

Desktops: At INTELITECHS, we offer both custom-built PCs and business-grade desktops through our partnering companies. We offer builds from a standard desktop for everyday use to full custom builds for programs like AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArcGIS, and more.  If you need help with a desktop, let us know. We also offer a local 2-Year parts warranty on all of our custom-built PCs.

Laptops: We offer business-class laptops from all major manufacturers. Our team can also offer solutions for docking stations and multiple monitors.  We would love to help you find the solutions you need.


Custom Servers for Utah Businesses

Servers:  We custom-build servers to fit the unique needs of your business.  Our team of IT hardware experts will help you create a 5-Year technology plan.  Servers are critical to the efficiency of your company.  We build physical and virtual systems to give your Utah business maximum flexibility.

BDR Servers:  Having a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) server is critical for limiting downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure. With a BDR, not only can you have the storage necessary for backups, but you can virtually boot up your server(s) in the event of a critical failure. This allows your essential systems continue online while the primary servers are repaired or replaced.


Network Solutions

Switch: This is an essential piece to any business network infrastructure.  Whether you need a powered switch (PoE) or a standard switch, we can help you get it installed and running. 

Wi-Fi: Nobody likes slow Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has become a requirement for both employees, customers, and internal staff.  The network professionals at INTELITECHS can help make sure your Wi-Fi is secure and lightning fast.  We can help ensure you have the Wi-Fi coverage needed for your Utah office space.

Firewall: Network security is essential for business, and a robust firewall is one of your basic necessities.  We can help you not only purchase and install a firewall, but configure and maintain it.  There are many security services like gateway antivirus, content filters, intrusion prevention, and more that we can manage and keep up-to-date.

Ready to Take Your Business the Cloud? We can help.

Cloud Security for Utah Businesses

Moving services to the cloud is something most organizations are doing at a rapid pace.  How are you managing your security?  Do you only rely on the hosting providers security?  We would love to help you evaluate the needs you have and to increase your security. Wondering what “the cloud” actually is? Check out this helpful blog post!

Cloud-Based Email Hosting for Utah Businesses

If you haven’t moved to cloud hosted email, we would love to help you make a smooth transition.  There are still options to host internally, but that is becoming less common.  We can help explain several options that will drastically improve the reliability and usability of your business email system. We are experts in email migrations and would love to assist any company moving to cloud-based email hosting.

Server Hosting Through the Cloud

If you are looking to move to cloud server hosting, we would be happy to assist you.  Our team of cloud-hosting experts can help you sift through hosting options, avoid hidden costs, and provide top-notch recommendations tailored to your Utah business. Let’s chat about making the move to a cloud hosting provider or setting up your own private cloud. Contact us.

INTELITECHS is a great company with an amazing team of technicians. They are responsive, patient when you aren't understanding the process, they do what they say they are going to do and in a timely manner.We have been working with the company since 2019. They just did a complete update and extension of all of our internet services without one single glitch.Highly, highly recommend Jake, Eric and their team, especially Tyler.
Angela Webster
Angela W.
The team at INTELITECHS is absolutely amazing. Jake and Eric are responsive, thoughtful, good-humored, and extremely knowledgable about IT services. It's a joy working with them- I highly recommend for any Utah business.
Michelle Wheeler
Michelle W.
I wouldn't trust our companies IT to anyone else! Finding a good IT company is like finding a mechanic you can trust. My companies would not run without them.
Jared Evans
Jared E.
Jake Hiller and his company are great people! Jake is fair, honest and able to communicate very well. His guys are are well dressed and clean cut and organized. They are able to communicate with you. You can feel comfortable having them as part of your business team. You don't have to hide them in the corner or worry about your employee or clients interacting with Intelitechs. You'll be happy that you contract out your IT to Jake.
Justin Peterson
Justin P.
Blake (Intelitechs) was very professional and helped us through the technical issues we just haven't been able to figure out. He also has given us information on options we didn't realize were out there to help streamline our process.
Cory Ferguson
Cory F.
Very easy to work work and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
Bryce Poorman
Bryce P.
I work out of my home office in the solar energy industry. Keeping my machines running well is of paramount importance to me. I am new to Intelitechs and my first experiences has been excellent. Jake and Blake are great to work. I look forward to a long relationships with Intelitechs.
Ron Barness
Ron B.
I can't say enough good things about Jake and his team. I was referred to Intelitechs after a horrendous experience with another tech company and was very skeptical. Jake not only saved the day, he has proven to be a consistent and reliable member of our team. Jake has saved my company literally tens of thousands of dollars by providing phenomenal service even in a fast paced, tech critical call center environment. I would recommend Intelitechs to any business with zero hesitation.
Robyn Burkinshaw
Robyn B.
After using multiple IT companies over the past 24 months, Intelitech was the first to exceed expectations. Their responsiveness and competency was phenomenal, and I could not be more happy to have found a new trusted business partner for our outsourced IT needs.
John Davis
John D.
Jake and the rest of the crew are great, these guy's ROCK the IT field. If you have any problems with your computer systems or updating these guys are my go to guys for sure.
Ivan Thompson
Ivan T.
I have used Eric and Jake for our business since they started their company. They have become trusted business associates that I can count on when ever I am in need. When I need an update...a compliance issue addressed...or any maintenance, they have always been able to fit me into their schedule on short notice and do what ever is needed. Without hesitation, I recommend Intelitechs for business IT service and support.
Richard Lynch
Richard L.
After filtering through multiple IT companies and individuals we were at the mercy of google to find out next sub-par IT company. We found Intelitechs and were fully expecting to be underwhelmed. Fast forward a couple years and they have been with us through expansions, additional office locations added, server upgrades, you name it. We have continually been impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and promptness. If you want to work with a company who actually does what they say, Intelitechs is your answer.Hallows & Company
Customer Service
Customer S.
The guys at intelitechs are very professional. I've always preferred face-to-face business and this is just what they offer. Nothing is worse than trying to do tech support over the phone with some guy you've never met. They will be my go to guys for all of my future tech needs.
Blake Densley
Blake D.
Great company to work with. Very knowledgeable and are willing to dumb things down so I know what they are talking about when it comes to IT lingo. I would recommend Jake and Eric to anyone.
JM Howard
The Intelitech team is not only highly knowledgeable but attentive to quality and 1st class service. There are times they take care of clients at random hours and they provide recommendations based off of what's best for the client and what will take care of the client over the longterm. They provide fantastic support and service.
Kevin Bell
Kevin B.
We've used many other IT companies and it seems we've always been frustrated at their lack of desire and ability to help with what we've needed. I'm grateful that Intelitech shows that they care and really have a great response time.
Matt Russon
Matt R.
The whole team is great to work with and we will always call back for more service.
Steve Thomas
Steve T.
What a great company! They literally work tirelessly until your IT issues are resolved.
Marcus Smoot
Marcus S.
So great to work with. Love Jake and his team.
Chad Russon
Chad R.
Intelitechs has taken care of my IT needs since 2011 and I have always been very pleased with the quick response and the ability to solve any problems that I have had. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new provider for their IT needs.
Dennis Sessions
Dennis S.
Jake was awesome to work with. He was quick to assist and gave us a lot of attention even though we are just a small client. I felt like the price we paid for the services rendered was more than fair. We will be definitely be using Intelitechs in the future.
Braden Smith
Braden S.
Always good to work with Intelitechs! If you need data this is the place. Thanks!
Lee Spraktes
Lee S.
I have had multiple experiences with them and they have always solved my problems. They usually take it a step further too and provide additional training and/or procedures so that future problems are minimized. Great company and extensive expertise in what they do.
Larry Miller
Larry M.
Jake and Eric's commitment to their customers is outstanding. I appreciate their friendly and quick responses.
Erin Mathie
Erin M.
Jake and Eric are always quick to respond to our question, concerns and issues. I have never been disappointed in their response or ability to correct an issue. I would recommend Intellitechs to anyone looking for professional and reliable service.
Maggie Graham
Maggie G.
Experts at what they do at a very fair price. We love working with them.
Mitchell Landon
Mitchell L.
Always prompt and thorough. I value their integrity and knowing that they are on my business team gives me a sense of security.
Jerry Duggar
Jerry D.
Intellitechs are fantastic. They have a deep knowledge base and offer fantastic service. I highly recommend them.
Alan Blood
Alan B.
Jake and Ryan are by far the best tech guys I've worked with here at our office. Always quick with an answer or suggestion, even when it comes down to the smallest technical glitches. Ryan is also quick to answer and has made a trip out to our office in a short times notice. I would highly recommend Intelitechs and they've also provided great referrals for website assistance and computer purchases!
Celene Beth Calderon
Celene Beth C.
I have had the privilege of working with Intelitechs on a number of web and IT projects. Jake Hiller and his employees are the best most responsive Outsourced IT company in Utah. The need for quality, reliable, and responsive IT support is critical in today's business environment. I highly recommend Intelitechs.
Dan Litster
Dan L.
I have worked with Intelitechs on several projects. They are very professional, process oriented, and detailed. This helps their projects run smoothly and often complete ahead of schedule. I have never heard anything but good when I bump into businesses that they have done work with.
Troy Kump
Troy K.
I highly recommend this company, they are honest and hard working. They are very quick to respond to your needs whether big or small.
Jennyrose Hiller
Jennyrose H.
Marvelous customer service. Willing and provided fabulous help on a small project, which helped turn my project into something bigger and better than expected. I was taken aback by how quick they were to respond to my multiple needs. INTELITECHS did an amazing job seeing more in my initial idea and turning it into a sleek, professional representation of what I had always envisioned. I highly recommend INTELITECHS for any small or large business, family and friends, I wish I had known of their services sooner.
Alex Hiller
Alex H.
INTELITECHS is an incredible company. They have taken care of all my computer needs without hesitation. Never once have I heard them complain or felt like my IT needs were an inconvenience. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable, the are always friendly, and they are available anytime I need them. I easily give them 5 stars and will recommend them to everyone I know! INTELITECHS, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my business!
Lindsay Hiller
Lindsay H.

Server Migrations

Do you have an old server that you need to retire and don’t know how?  The managed IT professionals at INTELITECHS can help you move old servers to new hardware.  We can also assist you with comparing, purchasing, and ultimately migrating over to your new server.

Looking to move to a virtual environment?  We can help with that, too. Since 2011, we’ve been helping Utah businesses move from physical servers to virtual environments.  A virtual environment gives you options and flexibility when it comes to remote working and end-user management.  We would love to help you streamline your servers and move to an all-virtual environment. 

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Are you ready to move to Office 365?  Perhaps you’ve heard about the great productivity tools to be gained?  Office 365, or O365, is an amazing platform that can give you shared storage, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and more. At INTELITECHS, we are experts when it comes to O365. 

Where most companies struggle is how they can move from their current system over to Office 365.  This is where we come in. The Office 365 professionals at INTELITECHS  have performed countless migrations (large and small) over to Office 365. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, work with experts who can make it a smooth and easy process for you.


Gmail Migration

Gmail is a free webmail service powered by the Google search engine. Do you need help moving to or away from Gmail?  The email migration experts at INTELITECHS are here to help. We can get setup with the correct accounts as well as assisting with moving over your previous email data. We know the ins and outs of Gmail.



If you are still using POP email, please call us right now!  We can get you moved over to a reliable platform.  If you are using POP email, it’s time to retire it.

IMAP is a better solution than POP, but still a very basic service.  We would love to help you move to a more robust email solution. We promise, it’s be quick and painless. Let INTELITECHS guide you away from archaic email hosting and into the future of modern email management!


Hosted Exchange

There are many provider options for hosting Exchange. We can help you navigate these waters and actually perform the migration.  Give us a call and we can help you get this set up. 

Get Started Today

We love helping businesses optimize their products and IT solutions. Whether you’re interested in a custom server build, or just a basic workstation hardware upgrade, we can help. Contact us to discuss the IT solutions that are right for you. INTELITECHS is proud to serve clients in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

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