IT Solutions + Products for Utah Businesses

 Business IT products to help improve the quality, efficiency, and success of your daily operations. At INTELITECHS, our team of trained, reliable, IT professionals are available anywhere, any time for all of your IT solution needs.

Change Your IT Experience with Tailored Solutions + Products

Understanding Your Unique IT Needs

At INTELITECHS, we know the importance of a tailored approach to IT. Your business is unique, and so are your IT needs. Our team of trained, Utah IT experts are here to find the solutions and products that work for you. From hardware management like desktops, laptops, and servers to cloud computing and migration to Office 365, we’re here to support you. 

As a Managed IT Services Provider located in Utah, INTELITECHS offers customer a wide range of outsourced IT services. Finding the right products and solutions is a crucial piece of that. We will work with you to determine cost-effective solutions to streamline your IT. Contact our IT solutions experts today.

  • Hardware Management
  • Workstations
  • Custom-built Servers
  • Network Solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Server Migrations
  • Office365 + Email Migration

Hardware Sales

It is essential to have dependable hardware to carry out important business tasks.

Cloud Solutions

We can help you harness the power of the cloud to improve your business operations.

Server Migration

Need to retire an old server or upgrade to the cloud? Our IT experts are here to help.

Office 365 Migration

Ready to make the move to O365? Our team will help you make a stress-free transition!

Hardware Sales for Businesses in Utah


Hardware Management

A challenge we see frequently for many Utah businesses is how to manage and replace computer assets on a balanced rotation. If your computer systems are impacting employee efficiency, it’s time to consider an upgrade. We can help you manage this process and ensure employees don’t waste company time on slow, outdated PCs. At INTELITECHS, we believe that your hardware should never be a limiting factor to your success.


Tailored Workstations

Desktops: At INTELITECHS, we offer both custom-built PCs and business-grade desktops through our partnering companies. We offer builds from a standard desktop for everyday use to full custom builds for programs like AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArcGIS, and more.  If you need help with a desktop, let us know. We also offer a local 2-Year parts warranty on all of our custom-built PCs.

Laptops: We offer business-class laptops from all major manufacturers. Our team can also offer solutions for docking stations and multiple monitors.  We would love to help you find the solutions you need.


Custom Servers for Utah Businesses

Servers:  We custom-build servers to fit the unique needs of your business.  Our team of IT hardware experts will help you create a 5-Year technology plan.  Servers are critical to the efficiency of your company.  We build physical and virtual systems to give your Utah business maximum flexibility.

BDR Servers:  Having a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) server is critical for limiting downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure. With a BDR, not only can you have the storage necessary for backups, but you can virtually boot up your server(s) in the event of a critical failure. This allows your essential systems continue online while the primary servers are repaired or replaced.


Network Solutions

Switch: This is an essential piece to any business network infrastructure.  Whether you need a powered switch (PoE) or a standard switch, we can help you get it installed and running. 

Wi-Fi: Nobody likes slow Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has become a requirement for both employees, customers, and internal staff.  The network professionals at INTELITECHS can help make sure your Wi-Fi is secure and lightning fast.  We can help ensure you have the Wi-Fi coverage needed for your Utah office space.

Firewall: Network security is essential for business, and a robust firewall is one of your basic necessities.  We can help you not only purchase and install a firewall, but configure and maintain it.  There are many security services like gateway antivirus, content filters, intrusion prevention, and more that we can manage and keep up-to-date.

Ready to Take Your Business the Cloud? We can help.

Cloud Security for Utah Businesses

Moving services to the cloud is something most organizations are doing at a rapid pace.  How are you managing your security?  Do you only rely on the hosting providers security?  We would love to help you evaluate the needs you have and to increase your security. Wondering what “the cloud” actually is? Check out this helpful blog post!

Cloud-Based Email Hosting for Utah Businesses

If you haven’t moved to cloud hosted email, we would love to help you make a smooth transition.  There are still options to host internally, but that is becoming less common.  We can help explain several options that will drastically improve the reliability and usability of your business email system. We are experts in email migrations and would love to assist any company moving to cloud-based email hosting.

Server Hosting Through the Cloud

If you are looking to move to cloud server hosting, we would be happy to assist you.  Our team of cloud-hosting experts can help you sift through hosting options, avoid hidden costs, and provide top-notch recommendations tailored to your Utah business. Let’s chat about making the move to a cloud hosting provider or setting up your own private cloud. Contact us.

Intelitechs has always been responsive to our changing needs. Jake and his team have always done great, professional work for us. They have been great to follow up on issues that need monitoring, and see resolutions through to the end.Lastly, we have had a few odd emergencies pop up and the team there has handled them in stride.
Rick Tennant
Rick T.
I have worked with Intelitechs for over 10 years. Not only are they incredibly effective and efficient but they are also very responsive. They are aware of cost and work toward solutions that are long term. The team there is courteous and makes the customer feel comfortable with their IT needs. Their service in unparalleled. I highly recommend them.
FaLesha Cooper
FaLesha C.
These guys are great. They work with our team to identify risks and prevent them. They come up with solutions to whatever we throw at them. I really appreciate their efforts to train our staff to avoid cyber security risks. I recommend them whole-heartedly!
Josh is always very professional, courteous, and thorough to help me address and fix the problem at hand. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for IT assistance take a good look at Intelitechs.
Charles Davenport
Charles D.
I've worked with Jake, Tyler, and several other members of the staff for over 3 years now. They manage all of our IT and are an integral part of our technology team. Knowledgeable, responsive, professional, easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend!
Mandi Derbis
Mandi D.
Intelitech has done a fabulous job at keeping our network up and running.Fast and friendly service . Very knowledgeable technicians. responds to problems and questions in a very professional manner.
Val Stephens
Val S.
Excellent support for all your tech needs. Extremely informational and always go the extra step.
Heidi Robinson
Heidi R.
I've worked with Intelitechs for the past 9 years I've been with Veritas Funding. All of our issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. A great team to work with!
Barbara Seaman
Barbara S.
I have worked with Intelitechs for years and have always had the best experience!!!!! Jake is very responsive and professional.
Angie Allsop
Angie A.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Intelitechs for three years now. They’re very responsive and professional. The best part of working with them is their willingness and ability to assist in solving problems. Since working with them they’ve helped identifying technology and software to increase efficiencies company wide.
Kadee Duclos
Kadee D.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jake and his team for a number of years. They have always gone above and beyond with both my professional and personal IT needs.Intelitechs is truly the best of the best.
Margaret Medina
Margaret M.
Very responsive and quickly solves our issues. Communicates well.
Scott Whiting
Scott W.
These guys are awesome! They are always willing to tackle any problem we have. They are super fast and easy to get hold of. I reccomend them 1000%
A Meyers
A M.
INTELITECHS is one of the best IT support company that provides highly managed IT services. Jake Hiller and the team at INTELITECHS are experienced professionals, knowledgeable, attentive to issues/concerns, and are quick and efficient with resolving issues. I value my working relationship with INTELITECHS as they are a true business partner, honest, and transparent. What truly sets them apart are their genuine care and dedication to solving IT issues, thinking outside the box, and providing forward thinking solutions. I absolutely recommend INTELITECHS.
Rosa Sok
Rosa S.
Jake is great to work with. Probably my favorite IT guy I've had.
Alex Holder
Alex H.
I love working with Intelitechs. They are very responsive when issues come up. They can handle all of your IT needs, phones, computers, printers, servers. If you are looking for an IT company you need to call them.
kalab stokes
kalab S.
Our company has worked with Intelitechs for a long time. They have been very responsive and knowledgeable about our systems to keep the up and running. They work hard make sure we have the latest tools keep our systems safe and secure. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing top notch assistance.
Brent Stagg
Brent S.
I highly recommend Intelitechs. A few months ago our company was attacked by ransomware and they helped us through the situation and got us back up and running.
Tyler Russon
Tyler R.
Our organization has worked with INTELITECHS for around a year now and we are so impressed with their service. Their representatives are knowledgeable, provide timely assistance, have diligent follow through regarding staff training, and speak plainly and professionally to those of us who are not very technically savvy. I highly recommend this company.
Andrea Pearson
Andrea P.
Great customer service! So easy to work with.
Rylie McClellan
Rylie M.
These guys know everything you could possibly ever need an IT company to know. They are quick to respond and take care of any issues. You can get ahold of them every single time you call them and they are friendly and helpful. You can trust that they will fix the issue you are having every single time.
Kilee Hori
Kilee H.
Easy to work with, good communicators, Intelitechs has made a point to listen to our set of goals and needs at WFRC and customize their IT support offerings to our organization.
Bert Granberg
Bert G.
We've been using Intelitechs for over a year and between their responsiveness, their knowledge, and willingness to help, they're a 5 star IT solution through and through.
Jim Dennison
Jim D.
Intelitech's has been our 3rd party IT solution for nearly a decade, we love their work, they are prompt, professional and feel like they are part of the team. Highly recommend!
Rodney Anderson
Rodney A.
Eric and his staff are fast, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile, even on short notice. Last year we had hackers take our system down! The response from Eric and his team was immediate. They worked tirelessly and went above and beyond to get us up again. Even when we have an issue that's not as critical, we get the same fast, professional service! I can not emphasize enough how wonderful INTELITECHS is!
Lisa Carbine
Lisa C.
They are well informed on the companies’ processes that they are servicing. They are efficient and knowledgeable. I really like that they’re organized and responsive to all of our needs. A great group of people!
Aja Allen
Aja A.
Intelitechs has provided managed IT services for my business for several years now—everything from network administration to equipment purchasing and maintenance. Our assigned agent is highly skilled, personable, always responsive, and considered a key member of our team. I highly recommend Intelitechs and would be glad to answer any questions if your business is considering a new IT partner.
Jeremy Ragonese
Jeremy R.
I have had nothing but an excellent experience working with Intelitechs. They will always be our IT Firm. Everyone is responsive, professional, and so far, has been able to address and resolve any issues my company has experienced from upgrades, program crashes and even a lightening strike on the building that destroyed the server!! Great company and team. You will not regret having them in your corner.
John Richards
John R.
Intelitechs has supported our company for several years. Always top notch, very professional and responsive to our needs.
Harry Holder
Harry H.
I have had the pleasure of working with Intelitechs for many years, and at two separate employers. You will find that the team which Jake and Eric have assembled is like nothing you have experienced from a technology firm before. Each of their team is highly skilled and professional as you would expect, but they are also exceptionally personable, and great communicators. Each technician has demonstrated an ability to adapt their level of communication specifically to the individual they are working with, and they ensure you fully understand the root cause of your problem, potential solutions, and a recommended course of action. They are always conscious of the cost and value of the service they provide. They work diligently to find the balance which suits you as an individual client, and tailor a solution to your unique situation.Intelitechs has a phenomenal tracking and delivery system in place. With this system they can record and maintain such information as is necessary for any one of their service team to immediately understand our systems. This is important to me as they can first immediately respond to any of my team’s needs without the necessity of much system exploration or internal consultation, and second it allows them to provide a comprehensive report of each month’s activities to support their billings. This report contains enough information for our ownership to comprehend the service we have received, without being overwhelmed. Intelitechs is our preferred vendor, but my team and I truly see them as a part of our organization rather than an outside provider. If you aren’t a client of Intelitechs you are stepping over a tremendous value at a very competitive price. I recommend you immediately schedule a consultation with Jake and Eric, you will not regret it.
Sean Fazzio
Sean F.
I have worked with INTELITECHS for over 9 years and their service is next to none. Their knowledgeable team members are fabulous to work with and always go above and beyond to help us reach our technology goals.
morgun hall
morgun H.
Intelitechs are a pleasure to work with. In addition to being competent and friendly, they have excellent 'desk-side' manner.
Timothy Willardson
Timothy W.
Intelitechs is wonderful to work with, their staff is always polite and willing to help. They are quick to respond and take action if needed. We appreciate their help and professionalism. Definitely recommend Intelitechs.
Kristi Nielson
Kristi N.
Eric, Jake and their team are the best in the biz! They are always prompt, professional and know how to take care of their customers the right way. Highly recommend!
Troy Jolley
Troy J.
We have a great relationship with Intellitechs! They have proven to be very responsive and helpful. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with their IT dept.
Mindy Hughes
Mindy H.
Anytime I submit a ticket, I always hear back quickly. I've worked with several people at Intelitechs and have always had a 5 star experience.
Mallory Mitamura
Mallory M.
The team at Intelitechs is great to work with and they provide top-notch service. They are courteous and responsive. Great partner to have.
Andy Dilley
Andy D.
Intelitechs manages the IT for our law office. They are always very responsive and do whatever is necessary to keep our office network and computers operating smoothly.
Isaac James
Isaac J.
They are always quick to respond and always helpful and professional.
doug henline
doug H.
We bought 4 computers from Intelitechs and had a great experience working with them. We won't go anywhere for our future tech needs and would highly recommend them to everyone I know.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel S.
Fast and responsive IT support! Great team to handle our IT needs.
Matt Candrian
Matt C.
Reliable. Professional. Efficient.Intellitechs truly is a cut above the rest of the IT companies and I highly recommend them!
Andrew Umphries
Andrew U.
We have been working with them for years now and they have always been fantastic to work with. Often times a companies service seems to waiver over time and as they grow, but these guys have been professional, responsive, and great to work with from the beginning up until the current day even as they have grown and expanded their services.
Kade Hallows
Kade H.
I have worked with Intelitechs now for years and 5 stars may be inadequate to capture my experience with them. They are consummate professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They stay up with current technology trends and are innovators themselves. They strike an excellent balance of making forward looking recommendations with an eye on managing IT budgets. Their primary concern is helping to achieve our technology objectives and not to just charge us for whatever they can.We’ve interacted with many members of the Intelitechs team and have found an interesting, consistent thread throughout. In our experience, the whole crew are true tech geeks, who must have digital DNA. I mean they can really geek out with you! And yet somehow, they’ve all got personalities and interpersonal skills too. Maybe they have a special recipe of Red Bull or something over there. They are a fun group of people and sometimes I have to remind myself that they are actually a contracted third party, because they feel like an integrated part of our internal team.Our experience with the skill level of the Intelitechs team and their customer service has been great. They’re fantastic in everything from security, to infrastructure, end-user support, applications, networking, and everything in between. Their performance has been near flawless. And where there have been any issues at all, they have been quick to own the needed correction to make the required adjustments. Intelitechs is a true technology partner, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Josh Pratt
Josh P.
Intelitechs has helped us significantly with our email domain. They are very responsive and offer great support.
Kirk Barker
Kirk B.
Intilitechs is the definite "go-to" for anything I need need IT related. They keep my branch up & running & are always very quick with any troubleshoots, fixes, or simple questions!!!
Trent Perry
Trent P.
Intelitechs is a fantastic IT firm for us. They have provide solutions to our IT needs for years now and we couldn't ask for a better partner.
Lars Anderson
Lars A.
We switched our IT over to Intelitechs over a year ago and couldn't be happier. Was the best decision. Eric and his team at Intelitechs are the fastest and most reliable IT company we've ever used.
Justin Thomas
Justin T.
Intelitechs is very responsive. They pro-actively reached out when our connection was lost due to a power outage. It gives me peace of mind that they consistently monitor our firewall server are quick to answer questions. I love the service they provide for our company.
Christa Johnson
Christa J.

Server Migrations

Do you have an old server that you need to retire and don’t know how?  The managed IT professionals at INTELITECHS can help you move old servers to new hardware.  We can also assist you with comparing, purchasing, and ultimately migrating over to your new server.

Looking to move to a virtual environment?  We can help with that, too. Since 2011, we’ve been helping Utah businesses move from physical servers to virtual environments.  A virtual environment gives you options and flexibility when it comes to remote working and end-user management.  We would love to help you streamline your servers and move to an all-virtual environment. 

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Are you ready to move to Office 365?  Perhaps you’ve heard about the great productivity tools to be gained?  Office 365, or O365, is an amazing platform that can give you shared storage, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and more. At INTELITECHS, we are experts when it comes to O365. 

Where most companies struggle is how they can move from their current system over to Office 365.  This is where we come in. The Office 365 professionals at INTELITECHS  have performed countless migrations (large and small) over to Office 365. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, work with experts who can make it a smooth and easy process for you.


Gmail Migration

Gmail is a free webmail service powered by the Google search engine. Do you need help moving to or away from Gmail?  The email migration experts at INTELITECHS are here to help. We can get setup with the correct accounts as well as assisting with moving over your previous email data. We know the ins and outs of Gmail.



If you are still using POP email, please call us right now!  We can get you moved over to a reliable platform.  If you are using POP email, it’s time to retire it.

IMAP is a better solution than POP, but still a very basic service.  We would love to help you move to a more robust email solution. We promise, it’s be quick and painless. Let INTELITECHS guide you away from archaic email hosting and into the future of modern email management!


Hosted Exchange

There are many provider options for hosting Exchange. We can help you navigate these waters and actually perform the migration.  Give us a call and we can help you get this set up. 

Get Started Today

We love helping businesses optimize their products and IT solutions. Whether you’re interested in a custom server build, or just a basic workstation hardware upgrade, we can help. Contact us to discuss the IT solutions that are right for you. INTELITECHS is proud to serve clients in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

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