How Mobile Device Management Can Revolutionize Your Utah Business

In most modern business environments, employees use several different devices: laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones, and more – all with different operating systems. Companies are also increasingly moving their infrastructure to the cloud, giving employees access to applications, data, and other resources from anywhere and any device. 

While companies are experiencing increased mobility and flexibility by utilizing these technologies, they come with cybersecurity risks and increased complexity of device management. Luckily, the managed IT team at INTELITECHS is happy to handle your company’s device management by implementing customized security and maintenance solutions. Here are a few of the benefits of working with our device management team. 

Ease of Management for Utah Businesses

One of the primary benefits of mobile device management (MDM) is that it allows you to monitor and manage portable devices wherever they are. MDM makes it easy to install applications, complete updates, and maintain device security without requiring employees to bring their devices into the office. This makes it a necessary tool for organizations with remote employees, and an extremely helpful tool for all businesses.

Mobile device management solutions give laptops, tablets, and other devices the same level of security on the move as they would get in the office. Companies with a centralized device management team are also better able to consistently oversee a large number of devices, making it easier to deploy, support, and facilitate end-user mobility and flexibility. 

Option to Offer “Bring Your Own Device”

Some employees would prefer to use their own personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones for work. This is generally more relevant for remote workers, but some team members may also want to bring their devices into the office. “BYOD” is popular among small businesses because it frees up capital that would otherwise be allocated to purchase devices. However, this approach can cause serious security issues for your company if the devices aren’t properly managed. Not to worry! INTELITECHS’ device management solutions address these security issues.

Improved Security and Compliance for Small/Medium Businesses

Outsourced device management helps reduce the burden of security and compliance on your in-house IT team. MDM enables you to control the security settings of each mobile device, making it easier to protect company data by securing emails, encrypting documents, and enforcing corporate security policies. Remote management also enhances your organization’s network security by making it possible to disable users and erase sensitive information in case the device is lost or stolen – a must for organizations that need to meet the requirements of regulatory compliance. 

Through comprehensive mobile device management, INTELITECHS can help you control when critical security updates are installed on company devices by setting local system update policies. These efficient device updates also facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, updated company technology policies can be pushed out to all devices on the network to ensure seamless protection. 

Remote Device Management for Utah Businesses

Mobile device security can be complex, so it’s understandable that many businesses feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Luckily, INTELITECHS’ experienced team of IT professionals can be trusted to oversee all device management on your behalf. We make remote device management easy and effective for our managed IT services clients! 

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