As a result of the pandemic, many companies are facing serious network challenges: remote workers, increased online traffic, and security concerns all contribute to an urgent need for network IT support. Your regular employees or small in-house IT department may not be equipped to handle these additional responsibilities, so it might be time to consider an outsourced network management IT team like INTELITECHS.

Here are some of the network issues INTELITECHS’ network management IT experts can help your business navigate during and after the pandemic.

Managing a Remote Work Environment

Possibly one of the most notable changes for many businesses during the pandemic has been the increase in remote workers. In most of the country, there are mandates in place requiring non-essential workers to work from home. This is a new experience for many companies and their employees. As a result, some companies are still working out kinks almost a year later.

Whether your employees are using their own devices or company computers, they need access to tools and data that will keep them productive at home. INTELITECHS can help you implement tools that streamline company email, messaging, video calls, and file sharing for a better user experience for your employees. We’re here to help out with all your cloud computing needs, including virtual and remote desktops.

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Your Network

Cybersecurity is always a concern for companies. Now, with remote workers having access to company and client information in their homes, data protection has become even more of a priority. An increased number and scale of connections within your network means you must be even more diligent about your network security. Our IT consultants can quickly assess the security of your current network. We’ll identify weak spots and make improvements which you can maintain automatically through regular security checks.

Training for New Employees and New Software

Cutting-edge technology is a must for any business that hopes to thrive during the pandemic, but not every company has a dedicated IT department to train employees on new software and remote work tools. INTELITECHS’ outsourced IT experts not only implement cloud computing tools, network management software, and email and network security products on behalf of our clients; we also train team members on best practices to ensure these tools are as effective and beneficial as possible. Our team members will ensure your company uses these products as intended to guarantee their efficacy.

Providing a Free Initial Consultation

Whether you’re casually considering outsourced IT services or are totally ready to commit to a managed IT services provider in Utah, a consultation with our IT pros will help you identify potential areas of improvement for your network. To get started, contact the team at INTELITECHS in Salt Lake City, Utah by calling (801) 917-5533.