Technology rules every aspect of society, including business. In 2021, even small companies must have a digital presence to be successful. Online marketing, digital payments, and data security solutions all necessitate IT technical support, which means a company must choose whether it is more advantageous to create its own department or to hire an outsourced IT company.

An in-house approach to IT often leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and less secure data and systems, so many companies in Utah and the surrounding states have chosen to outsource their IT to INTELITECHS to take advantage of financial and technical benefits. Here’s how these advantages can also make your company more productive.

Outsourcing IT Means Fewer Responsibilities for Existing Employees

Many small businesses don’t have specialized employee roles, especially for IT needs. It’s more common to have one employee you trust to update your software, troubleshoot wifi issues, and keep your devices running. Consider what that employee could be achieving each day if he or she didn’t have to worry about IT issues. Is your workforce’s knowledge and experience being fully utilized if they have to spend time solving their own computer or network issues?

Even those with dedicated IT departments often choose to work with a managed IT services provider. These business owners enjoy the flexibility of delegating IT tasks to the expert best equipped to address them, whether that may be an employee or an outsourced technician.

Reallocate IT Funds to Address Business Needs

It can be expensive to maintain an in-house IT department, especially for a small or midsize company with a tight budget. An outsourced IT company can handle all your concerns, from routine server improvements to emergency response, which means you’ll likely end up saving money if you choose to outsource. When you work with an IT company like INTELITECHS, you free up a portion of your budget that can be used to address other pressing needs.

Less Unexpected Downtime and More Efficient Troubleshooting

A managed IT services provider is familiar with almost everything that could possibly go wrong with your hardware, software, cloud computing, and more. Troubleshooting is much more efficient when you know how to quickly identify possible issues. This means your company will experience less unplanned network downtime and other inconvenient IT issues. In addition, an outsourced IT team can help you schedule automatic updates for off-peak hours so your employees won’t be negatively affected.

Increase Efficiency with Outsourced IT

INTELITECHS’ IT support business consultants solve daily technical issues and act as advisors to recommend and implement innovative technologies. We strive to understand our clients’ regular operations so we can use our technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support.

Whether your company is small or large, INTELITECHS will focus on making your IT experience the best it can be. No matter your needs, we’ll design individualized IT solutions to help you support your employees and achieve your business goals. Contact us at (801) 917-5533 to get started.