No matter what industry you’re in, your business has the potential to be crippled by an IT emergency. A natural disaster, power outage, or security breach will cut off your clients’ access to your team, and your employees may be unable to access important databases required for their daily operations. When unforeseen emergencies occur, you need to feel confident that your IT experts can provide emergency support to quickly solve the issue and get your business back on track.

You can avoid the huge burden of tech emergencies by hiring a Utah outsourced IT company like INTELITECHS. We offer 24/7 emergency IT support to help existing clients get through large and small IT emergencies, from data corruption to hardware malfunctions and more. Here are some of the biggest benefits of working with an outsourced IT company that offers emergency IT services.

Budget Friendly IT Crisis Management

Emergency IT support is included in INTELITECHS’ outsourced IT services, so you’re receiving a huge value for a lower cost. Utah Outsourced IT services, including emergency IT, are much more affordable on average than an in-house IT department. Companies will appreciate the positive effect outsourced IT has on their bottom line.

Every business owner or CIO knows that the cost of fixing unexpected issues can add up quickly. In an emergency situation, you don’t always have time to shop around for the most affordable services. Our IT support services act as your “insurance;” when you pay a small monthly fee for access, you won’t have to deal with exorbitant out-of-pocket costs if something goes wrong with your servers or software.

Prompt and Convenient Service

INTELITECHS’ emergency IT services for Utah clients include our 24/7 hotline. You can call us right when the issue arises, and we’ll diagnose and mitigate that issue quickly. With remote access to your system, we can usually solve the problem without having you lift a finger.

By taking preventative measures, our team will reduce future vulnerabilities for your company. After all, the best way to deal with a catastrophic event is to avoid it in the first place! When you work with INTELITECHS as your outsourced IT solution, you can rest assured that our emergency IT services will help you maintain normal operations without skipping a beat.

Outsourced Expertise

Smaller businesses don’t want to spend the time and money to create an in-house IT department, and certainly not one that is responsive at a moment’s notice. IT experts can earn well into six-figure salaries; that is simply out of reach for many companies. Our experts are available to your company through our outsourced services, and there’s always an experienced IT technician available to you through our Utah emergency IT services. We’ve got years of experience dealing with IT issues, from minor hiccups to major meltdowns.

Get Started with Utah Outsourced IT and Emergency Support

If your company needs an outsourced, emergency IT department to safeguard you against technology issues and natural disasters, consider INTELITECHS. We are a Utah managed IT services company that provides part-time, full-time, and on-call technical services, with on-site and remote support options.

Our emergency IT services team will help get everything fixed immediately, and then establish systems to avoid future disasters. No matter the size of your company, or if you are starting new, having an IT consultant to count on makes all the difference during an emergency. Contact us at 801-917-5533 to get started.