Managed services providers (MSPs) have been around for decades, but many small and midsize businesses are just starting to consider using their IT services. The pandemic has led to an increase in remote workers and a need for safely-distanced services, which means it’s MSPs’ time to shine.

Working with a managed services department sounds like a dream to companies who are familiar with the benefits, but other businesses are reluctant to make the switch from in-house support. Their hesitancies primarily come from persistent myths about outsourced IT. It’s time to bust those myths and highlight the true benefits of managed IT services.

Myth: Outsourced IT is located in another country

There are many local and regional managed IT services departments such as ours. Outsourced IT can largely be performed remotely, which is what makes it possible for some companies to work with international IT teams. However, the flexible nature of managed IT security – being able to perform many tasks from a remote location – benefits any managed services company. And in addition to the ease of remote management, local companies better understand the challenges your company faces. We’re also more familiar with the region you do business in.

This is something most international companies simply can’t offer.

Myth: It’s more expensive

Maintaining an in-house IT department is undoubtedly more expensive than hiring an outsourced team. IT experts demand high salaries to compensate for their expertise. Many companies can’t afford to maintain a department of several trained employees who are on the clock 40 hours a week. Your managed IT services contract consists of a monthly fee, not an hourly wage. This makes it much more affordable for companies who have fluctuating IT needs.

Even small businesses without any IT department will be forced to pay for emergency IT services. Since these events aren’t planned, it is very difficult for a small or midsize business to fit them into their annual budget. With an outsourced managed IT department you know exactly what you’re getting each month. We are available to resolve IT emergencies without any added fees.

Myth: It will just complicate things

If you’ve never had a dedicated IT team, you may think hiring a managed services provider will complicate your day-to-day operations. But have you ever stopped to think about how much time your employees may be spending each day trying to troubleshoot their own IT issues? Even worse, if they unknowingly affect the digital security of your business, think of the unplanned downtime it will take to get things back up and running. Now that’s disruptive!

Managed networks allow your team to stay focused on your core business. A Utah network management services company like INTELITECHS makes sure your employees have what they need for daily operations by ensuring your business is always online and that your equipment is consistently available.

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