Managed Services for Utah Businesses

What’s a Managed Service Provider (MSP)? A Managed Service Provider is a team of IT professionals who focus on proactive vs. reactive support. But what does that mean? Rather than only performing required maintenance and support, we focus on the overall health, security, and efficiency of your IT systems. At INTELITECHS, we truly bring a holistic approach to managed services for businesses in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

Managed IT Services Provider in Utah

We know how frustrating, confusing, and costly it can be for business owners in Utah to manage their own IT services. We also know how expensive it is to employ an in-house IT department, which is where we come in. By outsourcing your IT to INTELITECHS, you’ll gain access to an entire team of trained technology professionals who are always here for you. Through a streamlined approach to IT, our team can help alleviate your stress, develop smooth IT infrastructure, and set you up for long-term security and success.

A Managed Service Provider like INTELITECHS is more than just a vendor, we’re a relationship-based, long-term IT solution for your business. Consider our team an extension of yours. Our priority is the uptime of your business- it’s our job to keep you up and running. By hiring INTELITECHS, you’ll pay a fixed monthly cost for top-of-the-line, customized, outsourced IT solutions.

  • Increased Productivity for your Business
  • Predictable Cost Structure for Managed IT Services
  • IT Support that Grows With You
  • Incredibly Fast Response Times
  • You Get Access to Our Entire Team

Managed Devices

Let our tech experts help you manage your deviecs and workstations.

Managed Backups

The stability of your business is only as good as your last backup.

24/7 Monitoring

We proactively guard against any threats or vulnerabilities.

Unlimited IT Support for Utah Businesses


Increased Productivity for your Business

Because our focus is your uptime and the overall health of your business, we are not limited to a set number of hours per month. This means we can focus on the health of IT systems, thus increasing the overall uptime and the general productivity of your team. Let us handle IT so you can focus on your business.


Predictable Cost Structure for Managed IT Services

We know IT costs can sometimes feel like a black hole of expense. With a Managed Service Provider like INTELITECHS, you have a fixed cost per workstation and server per month.  Your costs are based on the number of computers and servers you have rather than trying to estimate how many hours you may needed to support your company. The result? A fixed monthly fee that’s easy to budget and adapts with your growing team. Our pricing structure is predictable, yet easy to adapt as needed.


IT Support that Grows With You

One question we hear time and again is “How much IT support do I need for my Utah Business?” This question applies whether you have an in-house team or you are outsourcing your IT needs. The MSP model makes this easy because tech support is based on your number of workstations and servers. This model scales up or down as your business grows or shrinks, providing the support you need no matter the size of your company.


Incredibly Fast Response Times

Response times are critical for success in resolving technical issues and ensuring uptime. At INTELITECHS, we have a dedicated team who is ready and available to assist your staff with any issues that arise.  Each account also has a dedicated account manager who is available for support and overall account management. The reliability and responsiveness of our team is one reason so many clients form a long-term relationship with INTELITECHS. We’re proud to serve business clients in Utah and surrounding states.


You Get Access to Our Entire Team

One major obstacle for small business is finding the right IT staff to fit your needs. By outsourcing your IT department to a Managed Service Provider like INTELITECHS, you’ll gain an entire IT team for less than the salary of single employee. We take away the headache of managing an IT person and give you a team of experts who are excited to help resolve your issues.

Managed Devices


Maintenance is one of those things that no one wants to do but is critical to ensure workstations are running smoothly.  Security patching is also a critical component that is often overlooked or missed when managing IT systems.  We help you automate these tasks to ensure your workstations running smoothly and have the security patches needed to keep your systems safe .

Device Monitoring

We know how devastating technology failures can be for your business, which is why our automated tools monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime.

Email Administration

As the primary method of global communication, smooth email administration is critical to the success of any Utah business. Our team of email experts will ensure your email systems are managed properly and efficiently. We’ll help you stay on top of potential vulnerabilities and reduce unnecessary costs (like eliminating the email accounts of former employees). We will also work on implementing DMARC and DKIM policies to maximize the deliverability of your emails. Multi-factor authentication is also a critical piece of email management.

24/7 Monitoring

Remote Monitoring + Maintenance (RMM)

With our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) agent, we monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure your uptime. Not only do we monitor for updates, but we proactively guard your workstations against any potential threats or vulnerabilities.

Backup Monitoring

In Utah, data backups are critical for all business.  Few business owners know that backups actually need to be monitored consistently to ensure they’re backing up correctly. At INTELITECHS, our systems are constantly monitoring backup files for errors, failures, and critical warnings.  In doing so, we can ensure your backups are functioning properly so that when you need to use them, they’re available to save the day.


Spam filters do much more than just remove unwanted spam emails. They monitor what type of emails you receive and automatically remove unwanted threats.  The Utah email management experts at INTELITECHS can even sandbox and detonate potential threats that come in as links or attachments. We can help eliminate spam, phishing attempts, CEO fraud/Business Email Compromise (BEC), and even email spoofing.

Managed Backups

For businesses in Utah and the surrounding states, Managed Backups are equally important as your live data. We tell our customers that “we’re only as good as your last backup.”  Ensuring that a business has reliable, regular backups is one of the most important things a managed IT provider can do. We not only monitor your backups, but we perform test restores of the data and the servers to ensure the backups work.

INTELITECHS is a great company with an amazing team of technicians. They are responsive, patient when you aren't understanding the process, they do what they say they are going to do and in a timely manner.We have been working with the company since 2019. They just did a complete update and extension of all of our internet services without one single glitch.Highly, highly recommend Jake, Eric and their team, especially Tyler.
Angela Webster
Angela W.
The team at INTELITECHS is absolutely amazing. Jake and Eric are responsive, thoughtful, good-humored, and extremely knowledgable about IT services. It's a joy working with them- I highly recommend for any Utah business.
Michelle Wheeler
Michelle W.
I wouldn't trust our companies IT to anyone else! Finding a good IT company is like finding a mechanic you can trust. My companies would not run without them.
Jared Evans
Jared E.
Jake Hiller and his company are great people! Jake is fair, honest and able to communicate very well. His guys are are well dressed and clean cut and organized. They are able to communicate with you. You can feel comfortable having them as part of your business team. You don't have to hide them in the corner or worry about your employee or clients interacting with Intelitechs. You'll be happy that you contract out your IT to Jake.
Justin Peterson
Justin P.
Blake (Intelitechs) was very professional and helped us through the technical issues we just haven't been able to figure out. He also has given us information on options we didn't realize were out there to help streamline our process.
Cory Ferguson
Cory F.
Very easy to work work and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend.
Bryce Poorman
Bryce P.
I work out of my home office in the solar energy industry. Keeping my machines running well is of paramount importance to me. I am new to Intelitechs and my first experiences has been excellent. Jake and Blake are great to work. I look forward to a long relationships with Intelitechs.
Ron Barness
Ron B.
I can't say enough good things about Jake and his team. I was referred to Intelitechs after a horrendous experience with another tech company and was very skeptical. Jake not only saved the day, he has proven to be a consistent and reliable member of our team. Jake has saved my company literally tens of thousands of dollars by providing phenomenal service even in a fast paced, tech critical call center environment. I would recommend Intelitechs to any business with zero hesitation.
Robyn Burkinshaw
Robyn B.
After using multiple IT companies over the past 24 months, Intelitech was the first to exceed expectations. Their responsiveness and competency was phenomenal, and I could not be more happy to have found a new trusted business partner for our outsourced IT needs.
John Davis
John D.
Jake and the rest of the crew are great, these guy's ROCK the IT field. If you have any problems with your computer systems or updating these guys are my go to guys for sure.
Ivan Thompson
Ivan T.
I have used Eric and Jake for our business since they started their company. They have become trusted business associates that I can count on when ever I am in need. When I need an update...a compliance issue addressed...or any maintenance, they have always been able to fit me into their schedule on short notice and do what ever is needed. Without hesitation, I recommend Intelitechs for business IT service and support.
Richard Lynch
Richard L.
After filtering through multiple IT companies and individuals we were at the mercy of google to find out next sub-par IT company. We found Intelitechs and were fully expecting to be underwhelmed. Fast forward a couple years and they have been with us through expansions, additional office locations added, server upgrades, you name it. We have continually been impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and promptness. If you want to work with a company who actually does what they say, Intelitechs is your answer.Hallows & Company
Customer Service
Customer S.
The guys at intelitechs are very professional. I've always preferred face-to-face business and this is just what they offer. Nothing is worse than trying to do tech support over the phone with some guy you've never met. They will be my go to guys for all of my future tech needs.
Blake Densley
Blake D.
Great company to work with. Very knowledgeable and are willing to dumb things down so I know what they are talking about when it comes to IT lingo. I would recommend Jake and Eric to anyone.
JM Howard
The Intelitech team is not only highly knowledgeable but attentive to quality and 1st class service. There are times they take care of clients at random hours and they provide recommendations based off of what's best for the client and what will take care of the client over the longterm. They provide fantastic support and service.
Kevin Bell
Kevin B.
We've used many other IT companies and it seems we've always been frustrated at their lack of desire and ability to help with what we've needed. I'm grateful that Intelitech shows that they care and really have a great response time.
Matt Russon
Matt R.
The whole team is great to work with and we will always call back for more service.
Steve Thomas
Steve T.
What a great company! They literally work tirelessly until your IT issues are resolved.
Marcus Smoot
Marcus S.
So great to work with. Love Jake and his team.
Chad Russon
Chad R.
Intelitechs has taken care of my IT needs since 2011 and I have always been very pleased with the quick response and the ability to solve any problems that I have had. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new provider for their IT needs.
Dennis Sessions
Dennis S.
Jake was awesome to work with. He was quick to assist and gave us a lot of attention even though we are just a small client. I felt like the price we paid for the services rendered was more than fair. We will be definitely be using Intelitechs in the future.
Braden Smith
Braden S.
Always good to work with Intelitechs! If you need data this is the place. Thanks!
Lee Spraktes
Lee S.
I have had multiple experiences with them and they have always solved my problems. They usually take it a step further too and provide additional training and/or procedures so that future problems are minimized. Great company and extensive expertise in what they do.
Larry Miller
Larry M.
Jake and Eric's commitment to their customers is outstanding. I appreciate their friendly and quick responses.
Erin Mathie
Erin M.
Jake and Eric are always quick to respond to our question, concerns and issues. I have never been disappointed in their response or ability to correct an issue. I would recommend Intellitechs to anyone looking for professional and reliable service.
Maggie Graham
Maggie G.
Experts at what they do at a very fair price. We love working with them.
Mitchell Landon
Mitchell L.
Always prompt and thorough. I value their integrity and knowing that they are on my business team gives me a sense of security.
Jerry Duggar
Jerry D.
Intellitechs are fantastic. They have a deep knowledge base and offer fantastic service. I highly recommend them.
Alan Blood
Alan B.
Jake and Ryan are by far the best tech guys I've worked with here at our office. Always quick with an answer or suggestion, even when it comes down to the smallest technical glitches. Ryan is also quick to answer and has made a trip out to our office in a short times notice. I would highly recommend Intelitechs and they've also provided great referrals for website assistance and computer purchases!
Celene Beth Calderon
Celene Beth C.
I have had the privilege of working with Intelitechs on a number of web and IT projects. Jake Hiller and his employees are the best most responsive Outsourced IT company in Utah. The need for quality, reliable, and responsive IT support is critical in today's business environment. I highly recommend Intelitechs.
Dan Litster
Dan L.
I have worked with Intelitechs on several projects. They are very professional, process oriented, and detailed. This helps their projects run smoothly and often complete ahead of schedule. I have never heard anything but good when I bump into businesses that they have done work with.
Troy Kump
Troy K.
I highly recommend this company, they are honest and hard working. They are very quick to respond to your needs whether big or small.
Jennyrose Hiller
Jennyrose H.
Marvelous customer service. Willing and provided fabulous help on a small project, which helped turn my project into something bigger and better than expected. I was taken aback by how quick they were to respond to my multiple needs. INTELITECHS did an amazing job seeing more in my initial idea and turning it into a sleek, professional representation of what I had always envisioned. I highly recommend INTELITECHS for any small or large business, family and friends, I wish I had known of their services sooner.
Alex Hiller
Alex H.
INTELITECHS is an incredible company. They have taken care of all my computer needs without hesitation. Never once have I heard them complain or felt like my IT needs were an inconvenience. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable, the are always friendly, and they are available anytime I need them. I easily give them 5 stars and will recommend them to everyone I know! INTELITECHS, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my business!
Lindsay Hiller
Lindsay H.

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We love chatting about how our Managed IT Services can help revolutionize your business. INTELITECHS is proud to serve clients in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

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