Most businesses in Utah understand how important it is to maintain secure networks and devices. Companies encourage their employees to avoid public WiFi and frequently update their passwords to keep outsiders from gaining access to confidential information. But there’s one area that is often overlooked when small businesses are creating their digital security plan: email security. If you don’t keep up with the current best practices for email security in Utah, you may find yourself the next victim of a costly cyber crime.

Several reports have shown that as many as 90% of cyber attacks start with an email. These emails may include attachments that launch malware when they are opened. They may also include attempts to obtain passwords and financial information. Criminals using email to manipulate the victim is a tactic known as phishing. There are many types of phishing, but here are a few of the most common approaches.


This type of attack uses specific information to convince the target that the email has come from a trusted source. Cyber criminals will edit email headers so that they appear to come from a large company like Microsoft, or from a financial institution that the target has an account with. Criminals mine data to find this account information, so they are sure their target actually has an account with the company they are pretending to be. They will often include a phony phone number or a link to a fake website to gather information such as data and passwords for the victim’s legitimate account. The target is also more likely to open malware attachments when they believe it is coming from a trusted source.


Have you ever received an email from a random address, but the sender claims they are your boss or an executive at your company? This is known as whaling because of the criminals’ attempts to impersonate an individual who has a very large influence at the company. The “boss” may ask the email recipient for sensitive information, money, or information that would allow them to gain access to the company’s computer systems. Luckily, Utah email security solutions and IT training make it easier for employees to tell whether the email is legitimately from one of the higher ups.


This type of email security threat occurs when a criminal sends an email with ads and links that appear to be legitimate, but are actually embedded with malicious code that allow access to the victim’s data. This type of email may also use spearphishing tactics to make the target more likely to open links. For example, an attacker may first gain access to a clothing company’s e-mailing list. Then they will email the individuals on the list claiming the company is having a big sale. Anyone who clicks the links in the email will have fallen victim to this effective scam. A combination of secure email and encryption solutions in Utah can help companies protect against malvertising and other malware attacks.

Comprehensive Email Security For Utah Small Businesses

Clearly, criminals have come up with inventive ways to take advantage of companies and their employees. Luckily, INTELITECHS has just as many ways to build a strong IT security strategy for your company! Our Utah email security services protect clients against all kinds of email cyber attacks, including new approaches that are rapidly developing. We combine 24/7 monitoring with top-notch security and employee IT training to catch most threats before they ever occur. When phishing emails do make it through to your employees, our security training ensures everyone at the company understands how not to fall victim to these tactics. Contact us to learn more about our email security services.