Companies that choose in-house disaster recovery rely on their own employees and systems to get things back up and running after a power outage, natural disaster, or hardware crash. These companies must have their own infrastructure and available resources to handle data protection and recovery operations.

Resilient servers require ongoing support and maintenance. In-house IT can be costly, and it’s near-impossible to budget for unexpected emergencies. Many businesses in Utah choose to avoid the headache of in-house disaster recovery by instead working with an outsourced IT team.

Outsourced disaster recovery leverages both local and remote resources to address and resolve current IT emergencies and to prevent future issues. Here’s how an outsourced disaster recovery team works to provide comprehensive resolution to IT emergencies.

Create A Disaster Recovery Plan In Advance

The best way to encounter a disruption is with systems already in place, so your business can continue without skipping a beat. One of our first steps as your outsourced emergency IT team is to create a set of recovery and security strategies for many common – and less common – IT emergencies. Our team isn’t just brought in for a one-time emergency; as your comprehensive outsourced IT team, we’re available any time you have an issue. This means it’s in everyone’s best interest to have planned, smart solutions for dealing with possible repeat issues that can’t be avoided, such as power outages.

Quickly Implement A Recovery Method

A server crash won’t require the same fix as an internet outage, so it’s important that we quickly identify and understand the IT issue your business faces. Luckily, our 24/7 monitoring allows us to spot certain issues even before they begin to disrupt your workflow.Then it’s time to execute exactly what we’ve trained years to do: resolve the issue as quickly and with as little damage as possible.

We ask ourselves several questions during the implementation of our recovery strategy: is data protected? Can customers reach the business? Is hardware in danger or being damaged or destroyed? Based on the answers to these questions, we may utilize a remote or local response, or a combination of the two. These options offer valuable flexibility when it really counts.

Review the Execution

We’re always looking for ways to improve our recovery strategies. Once the threat to your business has been neutralized or resolved, we’ll review the existing systems we used to get things back on track. This allows us to constantly make improvements to your IT security and disaster recovery strategies. We’ll continue to manage, detect, and respond to potential catastrophes like security threats before they cause unplanned downtime or a data breach.

Take A Proactive Approach to IT Emergencies

INTELITECHS offers comprehensive outsourced IT services to clients in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington. By working with our team on an ongoing basis, you’ll benefit from our security solutions and managed backups when an IT issue arises. To get started, let’s schedule a time to discuss your company’s IT security needs!