Every company in Utah without an in-house IT department should be working with a Utah managed IT provider to ensure their hardware runs smoothly and their data is protected. Different IT companies will be able to offer you different services, so it’s important that small and midsize businesses frequently reevaluate their relationship with their provider. If you’ve hit a fork in the road and are considering leaving your current outsourced IT company, here are some signs you may have outgrown this partnership.

Your IT Relationship Doesn’t Seem Like A Partnership

Your Utah IT services company should be interested in building a relationship with you. It’s important that they understand IT issues you commonly face, and they should be explaining the basics of proper security protocol so you understand their process. If you feel a disconnect, or if your Utah managed service provider doesn’t seem eager to keep you in the loop about what they’re up to, it may be time to look for a company that’s more eager to build a relationship.

You’re Hearing IT Complaints from Employees

In order for Utah managed IT services to be effective, your IT company must pay attention to every single device and every single employee at the company. You might be enjoying effective, hassle-free IT, but your employees could be having a much different experience. If your team members are complaining about slow computers, trouble with email and cloud-based apps, or a lack of responsiveness from IT, consider taking your business elsewhere.

Your Contract Hasn’t Been Honored

When you first started with your provider, what were the terms of your contract? Are you noticing broken promises now that you’ve been working with your Utah IT services company for a while? Their motive doesn’t have to be malicious for this to be a red flag. Maybe your IT provider can’t keep up with the growth of your company, or maybe their abilities as a company have changed as employees have come and gone. Whether or not they have a valid reason for not honoring your contract, your Utah managed IT support company needs to accept that you will likely choose to end your relationship in favor of a company that can truly meet your needs.

Long Wait Times and Communication Issues

Sure, you may hire a managed services provider to protect against IT emergencies, but you also need them there when something slips through the cracks. If you’ve had a recent IT issue, has your provider promptly responded to your call for help? Do they get to work right away to rectify the issue? Time is money, which means that unplanned downtime is costly for small businesses. You should be able to reach your provider quickly so you can get right back to work.

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