We all know the adage, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Many business owners choose to apply this logic to their company’s hardware and servers. However, with cloud computing, virtual servers,  and hosting more prevalent than ever, some companies are finding it necessary to make changes to their servers to be more competitive or avoid unnecessary downtime. 

Server migrations are sometimes necessary as technology evolves and your company’s needs change. Or as your servers age it can be time to upgrade them. However, if the transition process isn’t properly monitored and navigated, a server migration may end up causing more harm than good. Trust INTELITECHS with the job to be sure your workloads and applications are safely moved to your new servers. Here’s how we handle the important process of a server migration from start to finish.

Planning a Server Migration in Utah

Once you’ve identified a problem with your server or have expressed an interest in new technology, our team will help you identify the most scalable and cost effective solution and deploy a server that will improve performance. This task should be undertaken with the utmost care so your business continues to run smoothly. Proper planning will help you avoid data loss, unexpected downtime, and other potentially catastrophic issues. 

Planning for your server migration may be the most important component of the whole process. When you migrate, you need to have sufficient processing power and disk space on your server.

With proper planning, we can ensure your data is kept safe and your company experiences minimal downtime. 

Protecting Your Data During a Server Migration

During a server migration, data must be properly configured and the migration must be carefully planned in order to avoid data corruption or unexpected server outages. It is important to identify all data that will need to be migrated, if any needs to be reformatted, and whether some information can not be transferred at all. Of course, you should always have a backup of the originating server before attempting to reformat or migrate data.

Due to the increased popularity of cloud computing, many server migrations now involve a transition to cloud-based apps and servers. Migrating data is one of the trickiest aspects of cloud migration. Luckily, our team has successfully completed many migrations from on-premises servers to cloud servers, so you can trust us with your valuable data. We know you’re busy with your daily responsibilities, so we’ll take the lead on your server migration while keeping you informed of our progress. 

Executing the Server Migration for Your Utah Business

Not every business owner is an IT expert. Many CEOs’ strengths lie in leadership and business development. Still, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest innovations – your willingness to grow and evolve your company is part of what makes you so good at what you do. 

When it comes time to perform a necessary server migration, leave the technical details up to your managed IT services team at INTELITECHS. Our team will completely handle the migration while working hard to minimize downtime. We may be able to perform the migration in stages so your team has uninterrupted access to company data. You’ll be completely informed of our process since we worked with you to create the perfect strategy during the planning stage. 

After your server migration is complete, a server backup is an absolute necessity. Our team will safeguard your data to ensure you’re prepared for an IT emergency. Even if you experience a hardware malfunction or data corruption in the future, data backups prevent the worst case scenario from becoming a reality. 

Let’s start planning your server migration! Contact our team to schedule a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive IT services.