Cloud computing is widely recognized as the “here and now” technology of companies and consumers worldwide. When compared to on-premises servers and software licenses, the cloud is the clear winner for most businesses. Cloud computing offers convenience, security, and speed that benefits both consumers and employees. 

It’s still too soon to know the long-term repercussions this technology will have on our society, but we do know cloud computing has grown and evolved at a rapid pace over the last several years. Here’s how we expect cloud computing to continue changing the landscape for Utah business and their IT departments.

Improvements to Artificial Intelligence

Continuous innovations in cloud computing are already expanding the limits of AI capabilities. These innovations will help support emerging artificial intelligence technologies and applications. With the cloud, it will be easier to adapt AI to multiple platforms, including mobile and at-home applications. 

Artificial intelligence tools are being used to deliver more value on existing cloud computing platforms; cloud-based software providers are adding AI tools into larger software suites to provide greater functionality to end-users. Many programs now have “virtual assistants” built into the software. These AI assistants can help users analyze important data about their client interactions and suggest ways to improve the experience. Even businesses with small budgets now have access to these AI features through the cloud. 

Continued Focus on Data Management

With more data than ever being stored on digital platforms, data management and data security are a top priority for many businesses. Utah outsourced IT providers use the cloud to keep data organized and secure. 

One major benefit is cloud computing’s redundancy. Data backups occur automatically, which means you’ll have something to fall back on if your company experiences some sort of emergency IT event. You also have access to your data anywhere: from any computer, through any internet connection, and at any time of day. Of course, if you’re handling sensitive data, you can access the cloud using a secure internet connection like a VPN.

Greater Implementation of Edge Computing

As we work to recover from the pandemic, we predict that public cloud providers will shift an increasing share of their workloads to intelligent-edge platforms to deliver the low latencies required by AI automation, mobile devices, and more. Some experts project at least 90 percent of industrial clients will use edge computing. The rollout of 5G is also pushing companies like IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft to invest deeply in the edge platforms they recently launched. Edge computing is definitely worth keeping on your radar in the coming years. 

Keeping Up with The Cloud

Many business owners may feel overwhelmed by the rapid evolution and integration of cloud computing. However, it’s important to consider utilizing at least a select few cloud computing services and software to keep up with the current technology standard. 

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