Cybersecurity isn’t just a concern for large businesses. Small and midsize companies are also vulnerable to cyber attacks – especially if they aren’t already using reliable cyber security services in Salt Lake City.

In addition to utilizing the threat detection services offered by a managed IT services company in Salt Lake City, companies can strengthen their cybersecurity by offering company-wide cybersecurity training. How exactly can cybersecurity training help you keep your business assets secure? Let’s take a look.

Preventing Data Breaches and Successful Phishing Attacks

The most obvious reason why it’s important to conduct company-wide security training is to prevent cyber criminals from successfully infiltrating your network. When combined with a robust cybersecurity strategy and 24/7 monitoring executed by an experienced managed services provider in Salt Lake City, security training can drastically decrease the frequency of successful attacks, and in most cases, threats can be entirely eliminated.

Creating A Workplace Culture of Cyber Security

Employees who have gone through security training are much more likely to follow best practices for cybersecurity in every area of their work. When everyone at the company knows what to do to keep your assets safe, it creates a workplace culture that prioritizes cybersecurity. Everyone will be on the lookout for potential threats. This means that any employees who may not be following best practices can quickly be identified and provided with additional training.

Making Your Clients Comfortable

Most companies consider their client base their most important asset. Clients want to know that their data will be kept secure, especially in a world where data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Even if you don’t believe that your security measures are public information, customers pay attention to every precaution you take. If you can be open about the fact that your team members receive comprehensive security training, your clients will feel much more comfortable. All it takes is one data breach to alienate your clients, so invest in security training for your employees to prevent this type of disaster from occurring.

Maintaining Your Own Peace of Mind

Every business owner and CIO wants to feel comfortable with the cybersecurity measures their company has implemented. Working with a managed services provider who provides ongoing support is a great place to start, but think about the peace of mind you’ll have if you know that every single person at the company is trained on cybersecurity topics like phishing, creating strong passwords, and using secure networks.

Cybersecurity Training in Salt Lake City

If you don’t have the resources to create an in-house IT department, don’t fall into the trap of assuming your employees are equipped to monitor their own IT usage and address issues. Work with NEXUS IT to equip your team with the knowledge they need to keep your assets safe. Contact us to learn more about security training and our managed IT services for Salt Lake City businesses.