Data Security is Absolutely Critical for Utah Businesses

More Americans are working from home than ever before, which means more employees have access to sensitive client information and confidential company documents. While there are certainly ways to keep this data protected, some businesses may not feel comfortable protecting their data without the guidance of an IT professional. INTELITECHS helps companies keep data secure even when employees are working from home – even on their personal devices. Here are a few of the biggest concerns when it comes to protecting data during remote work.

Start with a Secure Connection

Even businesses without remote employees must prioritize a secure network if they want to keep their data protected. A virtual private network, or VPN, maybe the best option for your company if you’re prepared to provide the hardware your employees need to work from home. By using a VPN, you won’t have to worry about employees accessing sensitive information from their own devices or using an unsecured network.

If you’re concerned about your employees saving confidential information to their computers, you may also consider using a remote desktop. An IT data protection company in Utah like INTELITECHS can help you explore your options to ensure your connections are secure.

Protect Devices from Outside Attacks

The devices you send with your employees must be properly equipped to handle attempted attacks from malware, viruses, and unauthorized parties. Remind your employees to keep their devices updated with the latest operating systems and security features if those updates aren’t automatic. Many employees are currently going months without seeing their IT department coworkers and may not be familiar with software updates, so it’s important to mention right away. 

Use Web-Based Applications to Stay Connected

Web-based apps like Office 365 can make it easy to keep track of important documents without increasing your company’s vulnerability. These apps allow employees to share access to existing documents instead of sending endless attachments that may get into the wrong hands. Security permissions are easily updated, so any problematic data sharing can be addressed quickly.

Most cloud-based apps also have built-in security features and employees whose job it is to keep your data safe. This can take some of the security pressure off a small business in Utah that has remote employees but isn’t thrilled about managing its own data protection measures.

Hire a Managed IT Services Provider in Utah

If all this talk of VPNs and software updates have you feeling like you’re in over your head, consider hiring a Utah data protection IT services provider to handle these concerns for your company. Data protection is paramount to earning and maintaining your clients’ trust, so why not hire pros to make sure your company is following best practices?

The INTELITECHS team will help you create a data security plan that is easy to implement and maintain. We know your employees are most likely to abide by an easy and accessible remote technology usage policy, so we’re happy to provide your team with intuitive and stress-free data protection solutions. Give our team a call at 801-917-5533 to get started.