Modern networks are growing and technology is evolving in such a way that network management is imperative for any business, large or small. Many small and midsize companies don’t have the IT resources to successfully manage their network’s traffic and security. 

The good news is that you don’t need to undertake your company’s network management on your own. A Utah managed network services company can handle basic network access and transport services, virtual network services, and everything in between. 

All About Utah Managed Network Services

Managed networks allow your team to stay focused on your core business. A Utah network management services company like INTELITECHS makes sure your employees have what they need for daily operations by ensuring your business is always online and that your equipment is consistently available.

Here are some of the most common components of Utah network management services:

  • Address management – managing network addresses and ensuring that there are no address conflicts.
  • Security management – checking that the network is being currently secured and promptly addressing any breaches.
  • Traffic management – monitoring the network for network overload or congestion. This supervision is critical for large scale networks.
  • Load balancing – keeping traffic evenly distributed across the network. This is required for web servers which have a fluctuating amount of requests.

Every managed IT provider is different, and some companies only offer select services. At INTELITECHS, we provide a complete array of managed IT services above and beyond network management: data storage, emergency recovery, security monitoring, regular network maintenance, and more. 

Getting Started with our Utah Outsourced IT Firm

The benefits of managed network services are manifold. By hiring an outsourced IT team to handle your network management, your own employees will be free to prioritize core business tasks. You’ll save money with a monthly contract; if an emergency arises, it won’t come with a shocking price tag. Perhaps best of all, you’ll benefit from your relationship with knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals who can help keep your business competitive. 

INTELITECHS is pleased to offer managed IT services in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and throughout the western U.S. By working with INTELITECHS, you’ll be outsourcing your company’s important IT needs to a trusted and experienced team of tech professionals. We’ll get to know your company’s IT needs and create a custom method for monitoring your network and preventing mishaps. To set up a consultation for your business, give our team a call at (801) 917-5533.