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Wasatch Front Outsourced IT Management + Support

The Wasatch Front region is a long and narrow strip of land in Northern Utah which contains several major cities, including Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Layton, and Ogden. 80% of the state’s population lives in the Wasatch Front. This region is also home to many Utah businesses due to its high population of consumers and employees. 

Whether your Wasatch Front business is newly formed or well-established, you need IT support to keep your business thriving. INTELITECHS provides comprehensive, customized services to companies throughout Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front. When you choose to work with our team, we’ll take the lead on shaping your company’s IT strategies and let you focus on other important business needs.  

Cloud Services and Migration for Wasatch Front Businesses

Cloud computing opens doors for small and midsize businesses by providing increased flexibility and communication. Cloud-based apps like Office 365 allow employees to easily share files and respond to emails from anywhere; these apps don’t require each employee to use a dedicated device. If your employees sometimes work from home, this means they can easily switch between a desktop computer at work and a laptop when working remotely. 

More companies are moving away from on-premises servers, choosing instead to move their data to the cloud. A server migration should only be undertaken with the assistance of qualified professionals who can address your organization’s planned growth and day to day needs when creating a plan for migration. You can trust INTELITECHS with your server migration, whether you’ve chosen to go all-in on cloud servers or would prefer a hybrid approach. Our experience allows us to see potential issues before they arise, which means we can effectively address concerns during the planning phase of your server migration. We won’t allow common issues to disrupt your business or cause unplanned downtime.

IT Security Services in the Wasatch Front

Are you confident your business is protected against malicious attacks and data breaches? If you have any concerns about the efficacy of your current data security strategy, INTELITECHS can help you analyze your existing systems and determine potential weak points. 

Cyber criminals are becoming more advanced every day, which means companies must remain vigilant to keep their data safe. Our IT team helps companies choose state of the art antivirus and encryption methods, so you can be sure you’re several steps ahead of criminals. If your company uses mobile devices, full disk encryption can save you data when a laptop or tablet is lost or stolen. 

When it comes to phishing and malicious emails, having a well-trained workforce is the best defense. INTELITECHS Offers our clients company-wide security training that covers phishing attempts and suspicious emails, the importance of software updates, cloud computing security tips, and more. All your security planning may be in vain if your employees don’t understand the importance of IT security. If you’re a small or midsize business owner or CIO who wants to experience the peace of mind that comes with properly trained and security-aware employees, reach out to our team to schedule your company training.

Wasatch Front Managed Devices Team

These days, companies may use several different devices with diverse operating systems to perform daily tasks. Management of these devices can be time-consuming and confusing for even the most tech-savvy employees.  INTELITECHS uses a modern approach to device management that allows our technicians to securely manage your devices regardless of their location. Our cloud-based device management platforms allow us to easily install updates, set password policies, and lock USB ports, even on remote devices. 

It’s necessary for your remote employees to have access to important company data on the go, but this must be done safely and securely.  Our mobile device management approach allows us to manage all your mobile devices from one place, which means we can easily implement company-wide time-saving automations, achieve compliance, and enhance your data security.

Draper, Utah Managed IT Services - INTELITECHS

Managed IT Services + Security in the Wasatch Front, Utah

INTELITECHS is here to provide comprehensive IT management and support for your business in the Wasatch Front. Our Utah managed services providers will assess your current IT strategies, address potential issues, and create a plan to prevent future emergencies. Take the pressure off yourself and your team members by working with our IT experts. 

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