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New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, is a great place to start a new business or relocate your existing headquarters. There’s plenty of room for expansion – New Mexico is the fifth largest of the 50 states. Its economy is highly diversified, which means businesses in nearly any sector can find success in New Mexico. In addition, New Mexico’s favorable state tax structure is great for companies and individuals. It is quickly becoming the home state of more and more small and midsize businesses, as well as larger employers like Presbyterian Healthcare, Sandia National Laboratories, and The University of New Mexico.

Small and mid-size companies in New Mexico need affordable, reliable IT solutions. This is why many New Mexico businesses turn to INTELITECHS for managed IT services.

Choosing Managed IT Services in New Mexico

Companies in New Mexico who choose managed IT services don’t regret it. After all, many small business owners find it frustrating, expensive, and stressful to maintain their own IT team. This type of IT often focuses on “damage control” when issues arise. Response-based strategies often cause unplanned downtime and increase IT costs. To avoid these issues, managed services teams focus on proactive support, which includes automation, managed backups, and constant monitoring of your systems to ensure any potential issues are swiftly resolved.

INTELITECHS’ outsourced IT is more affordable than hiring and maintaining an in-house team. You’ll pay a flat monthly fee for access to our IT experts, and since we don’t get paid a salary like in-house employees, we’re here to assist our clients whenever an issue arises. You only pay for the services you need, and you can easily scale these services as your company grows. Our clients never sign contracts for services they don’t need. Learn more about managed services.

Data Security for NM Businesses

If your company’s servers, apps, and hardware aren’t protected by multi-level security systems, you’re opening your business up to security threats that may wreak havoc. INTELITECHS’ managed detection and response (MDR) team provides near-instantaneous detection of malware and malicious activity in your network. We’ll use data encryption, firewalls, mobile device management, and antivirus to neutralize threats before they impact your business. Let’s chat about how our Data Security Services can help protect your business. Schedule a call with our team.

New Mexico IT Security Training for Employees

Even the best managed services providers can’t protect your company from threats introduced by an unsuspecting or careless employee. Mobile device misuse, unsafe email practices, and weak passwords can all lead to attacks against your company, so your entire team needs to know how to avoid these threats. INTELITECHS offers comprehensive IT security training for New Mexico business owners and their employees. We cover topics including:

  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Email phishing
  • Remote device management
  • Cloud computing security tips
  • How to create secure passwords

When you create a security culture within your organization, you show your employees that you value security over efficiency. A well-trained workforce means less unplanned downtime and fewer security-related expenses.

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