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Looking for IT Services in Orem, UT?

Orem is one of Utah’s most populous cities, and it’s the chosen home of many fledgling and thriving businesses of all shapes and sizes. These businesses have more in common than just a love for Orem; they also have a need for IT support – although their specific needs may vary.

Small and midsize businesses face numerous obstacles to success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape: security threats, the need for expanded networks, a transition to cloud computing, and the management of daily tools like Office 365 can all be challenging for a company without a dedicated IT department. Even large corporations with expansive in-house departments dedicated to IT sometimes outsource certain components so their employees can focus on core functions. 

INTELITECHS’ managed IT services for Orem, Utah businesses cover all the aforementioned problem areas in addition to emergency IT support, email management, and more. You tell us where you need our expert opinion, and we’ll get to work shaping your company’s IT strategies and goals.

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Our Orem, Utah Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT is the best choice for small and mid size companies in Orem that don’t want to be responsible for hiring, training, and maintaining an expensive in-house IT department. Even if you have IT employees, they may not be prepared to deal with every aspect of your company’s IT: maintaining email and data security, transitioning from on-prem to virtual servers, and promptly rectifying IT emergencies. 

Whether you want to augment your company’s IT capabilities or rely entirely on outsourced IT, the experts at INTELITECHS can help. Our team can provide comprehensive services or just help out in a few areas – whatever is most beneficial to your business.

Data Security for Companies in Orem

The importance of data security for Orem businesses cannot be overstated. Your company’s reputation and integrity depend on keeping your data secure, from your clients’ financial data to confidential communications between vendors or other companies in your industry.  Consumers are more aware of the impact of a data leak and are requiring more assurances that their information will be protected. 

Privacy and security are both important components to your company’s overall plan for data storage and accessibility. Your company’s sensitive information should never be an easy target for exploitation, regardless of whether hackers and data thieves plan to leak personal information or use financial data to commit fraud. 

Our outsourced cyber security in Orem is second to none in its comprehensive protection. Through regular security audits, we’ll identify and correct potential weaknesses and verify that your data remains protected and secure. We also offer compliance help where applicable: HIPAA, SAS 70, etc. 

Email Management in Orem, UT

Our email management and security team will automate your email security protocol to allow you to focus on what matters most for your company instead of having constant concerns about the security of your employees’ communications.

When you choose our team to handle your outsourced IT tasks, INTELITECHS’ email management experts will get to work importing users, managing user licenses, creating groups and aliases for improved collaboration, and many more.


Cloud Computing for Orem Businesses

There’s no denying that cloud computing opens up new doors for most businesses. Now that many employees are working remotely, it’s often a necessity to have at least some cloud computing capabilities. If you’re ready to embrace cloud computing, INTELITECHS’ network solutions specialists in Orem can help you make the switch from on-prem servers to the cloud. Or, if you’d prefer, we can instead create a hybrid model that will increase your company’s security and efficiency without requiring major changes to your daily operations. 

Do you want to speak directly to one of our Orem, Utah IT professionals? Give INTELITECHS a call at 801-917-5533 to schedule a consultation or to have any of your additional questions answered.

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