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Looking for IT Services in Draper?

Conveniently located in both Salt Lake and Utah counties, Draper, Utah has quickly grown from a small farming community to a city with a population of nearly 50,000. It is home to companies such as 1-800 Contacts, Control4, and HealthEquity, in addition to many small and midsize local businesses. 

Our clients in Draper trust INTELITECHS with all their IT needs, from data security to hardware acquisition. We create a custom IT strategy for each of our clients. This means you’re free to use our services to augment your existing IT department, or you can treat us as your fully functional outsourced team. Our team can provide comprehensive services or just help out in a few areas – whatever is most beneficial to your business.

Draper Managed IT Services

Outsourced IT is a great choice for small and mid size companies in Draper that don’t have the time and resources to hire, train, and maintain a costly in-house IT department. Top IT pros expect a hefty annual salary to compensate for their education and experience; their expertise is often too expensive for smaller companies or those just starting out.  

Even companies with their own IT employees must face their team’s limitations. Your employees are only accessible when they’re on the clock, and they may not be prepared to deal with every aspect of your company’s IT. Certain tasks require more specialized skills than others, including maintaining email and data security, transitioning from on-prem to virtual servers, and promptly rectifying IT emergencies.

Whether you want to expand your company’s existing IT capabilities or rely entirely on outsourced IT, the experts at INTELITECHS can help.

Cloud Computing in Draper, Utah

There’s no denying that cloud computing creates new possibilities for most businesses. Now that many employees are working remotely, it’s often a necessity to have at least some cloud computing capabilities. If you’re ready to embrace cloud computing, INTELITECHS’ network solutions specialists in Draper can help you make the switch from on-prem servers to the cloud. Or, if you’d prefer, we can create a hybrid model that will increase your company’s security and efficiency without requiring major changes to your daily operations. Applications such as Office 365 are completely cloud-based, so your team members will benefit from accessible email and file sharing options even if you choose to keep important company data on physical servers.

Data Security for Draper Businesses

Data security is one of the most pressing IT concerns for nearly every company. You want customers and colleagues to trust you with their important private data, which means constant monitoring and security updates to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. 

Our Draper, UT managed IT experts are experienced in keeping data safe. By creating secure networks and educating employees on security best practices, INTELITECHS will increase your peace of mind and decrease the chances of successful cyber attacks against your organization. Tools such as automatic updates and backups will also decrease employees’ access to your company’s sensitive data. We also deploy our Managed Detection and Response to offer 24/7 security to monitor your systems.

Protecting against internal threats is just one component of comprehensive data security. Our team will also utilize advanced endpoint protection and firewalls to block ransomware, malware, and fileless attacks and minimize external threats. Data security deserves a serious, multi-pronged approach, and our team is ready to deliver.

Draper, Utah Managed IT Services - INTELITECHS

Managed IT Services and Security in Draper, Utah

If you are a business owner or CIO in Draper who’s interested in taking a new approach to your company’s IT requirements, INTELITECHS is happy to help. Reach out to our team to tell us a little about your company, and we’ll help you create a custom plan to revolutionize your business. Contact us to get started!

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