Most small businesses are familiar with hardware like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and company cell phones. But business owners often overlook hardware components like servers, printers, and external storage devices. You may not think about these devices often, but they demand a not-insignificant portion of your IT budget. Hardware purchases should be carefully considered to ensure these products will work well for your business. It’s much easier for business owners to choose the right components when they consider the following factors.

Processing Capacity

Devices come with many different capabilities. Some computers and tablets are meant for accessing basic cloud apps and email, while others can run multiple programs at once without skipping a beat. The same goes for devices like printers. Do you need yours to scan and print thousands of pages each day, or is it more likely you’ll only go through one ream of paper a month? Small and midsize businesses certainly shouldn’t buy hardware that won’t get the job done, but you should also consider whether you’re buying needlessly complex hardware. When you’re realistic about the company’s workload, you’ll end up with quality, high-performing products that are still within your budget.

Maintenance + Support

While software vulnerabilities can often be addressed remotely, your hardware will need to be maintained and repaired in-person. Before choosing hardware, discuss how you’ll rectify future maintenance concerns with your managed services provider: will you be able to handle a mobile device malfunction, or will the hardware be too complex for you to fix on your own? You should also consider the estimated lifespan of a product – certain components break down or become obsolete sooner than others. 

Special Features

Each product will offer slightly different features, so you’ll want to purchase the products that offer what your company needs. Who will be using the hardware and for which applications? Different industries tend to have different needs; some companies require extra storage, while others are more concerned with finding a speedy device that can handle their state of the art software. Once you’ve decided which features are most important, your IT provider can help you consider comprehensive market research that will help you find similar features at lower rates.

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