If your small business has struggled to find the hardware that offers all the features you need, you’re not alone. Off-the-shelf products are meant to appeal to a wide array of consumers. This one size fits all approach may work for personal users, but many businesses feel these desktops, laptops, and routers leave something to be desired. Building hardware can be a cost-effective way to get exactly what you need.

INTELITECHS offers high-quality, customized desktop and server solutions using parts from well-known companies to give you a workstation that can handle your needs. Here are three reasons you may benefit from having our team build your custom hardware.

It May Be Less Expensive

Believe it or not, it may be cheaper to have your hardware custom-built. When a hardware company sells an off-the-shelf computer or server, they decide what to charge for all the features they’ve included. That means customers will be paying a flat rate, even if they don’t require all of those features. If your managed services provider builds your hardware, they may be able to save you money by including only the components you need. It can be less expensive for some companies to buy these components piece-by-piece.

Better Performance

A small company that only needs a few pieces of hardware may not save money during the initial build, but they will likely benefit from the increased performance custom-built hardware offers. Instead of seeing those monetary savings upfront, you’ll see a return on your investment over time. Slow, laggy hardware can prevent a company from operating at peak productivity. When they are custom-built, you can be sure your computers and other hardware will efficiently handle your daily workload. It makes sense that custom hardware offers some clients much better performance; it is literally designed with their company in mind.


By combining high-quality parts with ongoing monitoring and maintenance, INTELITECHS ensures that our custom-built hardware stands the test of time. When your hardware can handle the daily demands of your business, it is less likely to break down or stop working as intended. This decreases your maintenance costs and unplanned downtime, but it also increases the lifespan of the hardware.

If you have performance or durability issues with your company’s current hardware, enlist INTELITECHS to find a better solution. We’ll evaluate your current setup and recommend custom-built hardware as needed. Contact us by calling 801-917-5533.