For most 9-to-5 IT departments, COVID-19 has been challenging to say the least. Many employees are working at home for the first time, and most don’t have the specialized experience necessary to troubleshoot their own IT issues. To make things more complicated, your employees may not all have the same schedule, so there’s always the potential for issues to arise when your IT team isn’t on the clock. 

If your in-house IT department is swamped with pandemic-related tech challenges, consider outsourcing some or all of your needs to a managed IT services provider in Utah like INTELITECHS. You’ll relive the day-to-day burden on your staff by allowing us to tackle complex IT challenges, and you’ll also rest easy as a business owner knowing our team is available whenever an emergency arises. 

Utah Managed Services for Constant IT Protection

A managed services provider in Utah doesn’t just show up when it’s convenient for them. Our team works with your employees to schedule maintenance, training, and other important IT tasks. In addition, we’re always accessible to answer questions or look into an issue you may be having with your company’s hardware or servers. 

We know our stuff when it comes to IT, and we help our clients establish procedures that drastically reduce the chances of an emergency arising. Even so, certain things can’t be controlled, so what happens when you’re faced with a make-or-break IT challenge? If you’re an INTELITECHS client, you have the full support of our team. We’ll get to work quickly to get your servers up and running at peak performance. 

Every business owner and CIO knows that the cost of fixing unexpected issues can add up quickly. Without an established relationship with an IT provider, a single emergency can quickly deplete your monthly budget. When you pay a small monthly fee for access to INTELITECHS emergency IT services, you won’t have to deal with exorbitant out-of-pocket costs if something goes wrong with your servers or software.

Emergency Support Benefits Employees and Business Owners

Whether you’re a midsize business with a dedicated IT department or a small company with jack-of-all-trades employees who dabble in IT, you know you can only rely on your employees when they’re on the clock or by their phone. Your employees aren’t paid to offer round-the-clock emergency IT support, but INTELITECHS’ outsourced IT technicians are available to do just that. When our clients need a fast resolution to an IT issue caused by a power outage, natural disaster, or another unexpected event, we’re there to diagnose and resolve that issue quickly. 

To get started with INTELITECHS, reach out to our team in Salt Lake City by calling 801-917-5533. Or, if you’d prefer, use our contact form. We’ll reach out promptly to learn more about your company and its IT needs.