Hardware Sales

INTELITECHS offers both desktop and laptop solutions to meet your business needs.  Choosing a PC that will meet your needs and last can be difficult to do.  We custom build all of our PC’s to ensure that you are only getting the highest quality parts.  We are a registered partner will Dell and work with them to ensure you a business class laptop that will meet your needs.


Our custom built desktops are unmatched in the industry.  We use only the highest of quality parts including: Intel, Kingston, Seagate, and Microsoft.  All of our PC’s come with a two year parts warranty.  We focus on building you a workstation that will meet your needs whether that is for office personnel or if you have specific requirements for software’s like AutoCAD and MicroStation.


Our laptops are all business class and offer docking station capability.  We work with you and order exactly what you are looking for and need.


INTELITECHS offers an array of different software options from Mircrosoft to Norton Antivirus.  Call us and ask how we can benefit you.

Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and WiFi

We provide the industry best networking equipment.  As part of our Network Installation and Design we can provide the networking equipment to scale our company and get you working properly.  Whether it is a new network switch, firewall setup and configuration, or getting wireless access points throughout your office, INTELITECHS is here to help you!