Email Continuity Service

Email is an integral part of doing business today. Communication via email impacts productivity, revenue,customer relations, and business operations as powerfully as telephone conversations, fax transmittals and post office deliveries. It is often the primary tool used to negotiate deals, aid clients, manage employees, and secure vendors. Yet, businesses often overlook the importance of ever-on email systems until it is too late. Don’t risk email loss. Sign up for a free trial.

Benefits:INTELITECHS Email Continuity

  •     Simple to launch, easy to use
  •     No onsite hardware or software required
  •     Affordable for businesses of all sizes
  •     Always on, instantly available
  •     No “bounced” messages

Causes of Email Downtime:

 Planned Email Outages

  •      Email platform upgrade or migrationINTELITECHS Email Continuity
  •     Data center or office move
  •     Planned power outage
  •     System maintenance
  •     Required patch management
  •     Disaster recovery testing


Unplanned Email Outages

  •     Connectivity Losses
  •     LAN or WAN outages
  •     Database Corruption
  •     Natural Disasters
  •     Hardware Server Failure

    INTELITECHS Email Continuity