For Utah businesses, INTELITECHS offers both a competitive outsourced IT service and a knowledgeable computer repair team.

Our outsourced IT services will save your business money

A business’ operational costs contribute to the majority of their budget, and can impact the amount of revenue they are able to bring in. Computer support services are one item on companies’ budgets that many employers are looking to decrease in cost. INTELITECHS is a Utah company that specializes in outsourced IT services for a fraction of the cost of other in-house options.  Outsourcing provides more freedom for our clients, allowing them to utilize our services when necessary.  Our outsourced IT services have saved many companies a significant amount on their operating costs because we save them money on employment taxes and benefits, as well as costs associated with employee training and continuing education.

The knowledgeable computer repair team at INTELITECHS will keep your business running

Computer support is crucial to the efficiency and operation of a business. Our outsourced IT services are designed to keep the technical side of your Utah business running smoothly at all times. If you run into problems with your servers or computer systems, a technician from INTELITECHS will be over to help restore your network maintenance, assure backup systems are put in place and provide user assistance. We understand that your company might need the expertise of our outsourced IT services at any time to keep your business going. Because of this, we have tailored our services to meet the needs of our clients by offering them our services around the clock.

We do much more than just fix computers

A decent IT company can provide their clients with computer repair service, but lack the knowledge and resources to help streamline business efficiency. As the leading outsourced IT company in Utah, we offer a wide range of services to our clients that encapsulate on the technological potential of your company. At INTELITECHS, we specialize in data backup, email management, disaster recovery, and technical business consulting. Our consulting services are one of the reasons many companies switch over from their current IT provider to INTELITECHS.  If you need to upgrade your computer network or have someone analyze your current system in order for it to properly accompany your business’ operations, INTELITECHS’ consulting services are designed to do so. We will collaborate directly with you and implement ways to upgrade your current system so that it more fully benefits your employees and your workplace in general.