Not all Utah businesses have the same technology needs. A large multinational corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City won’t handle its data in the same way as a small, family-owned business in Provo. A service industry business may require more remote access for employees than a retail chain. But even after acknowledging these differences, almost all businesses have certain technology needs in common.

When properly implemented, these 4 tech solutions will provide innumerable benefits to every business in Utah and surrounding states.

Cloud Software for Remote Work

Since the pandemic hit, many businesses have realized the value of a system that allows their employees to work remotely. Even if your team is working in the office, being able to wirelessly connect to important data from anywhere in the building is convenient and secure. The benefits of being able to access the critical networking, storage, programs and applications employees need over the internet are myriad.

Many businesses have already begun to transition away from on-premises servers in favor of the cloud. Whether you’re currently using on-premises servers, cloud computing, or a combination of the two, a technology managed services provider like INTELITECHS will keep your business running using the best cloud computing software for your needs.

Updated Security and Data Protection

In a world where most companies are moving their data to a digital realm, the threat of cyber attacks and hacked networks are an unfortunate reality. Thousands of networks are compromised each day. The resulting loss of personal and financial data shakes consumers’ sense of security and costs companies millions of dollars annually (not to mention the damage to their reputation). Be proactive and take action to protect your business from cybersecurity threats and compromised networks by updating your security and data protection. INTELITECHS’ data security solutions, such as increased web security, firewalls, and next-generation Antivirus, will protect both your business and your customers.

Customized Email Security and Management

Attackers often use email to gain access to consumer data and a company’s confidential information. Both internal and external emails pose a serious security risk for your company if not monitored correctly. Email security services from your managed IT services provider will help your office run safe and sound. A Utah managed IT support company, like INTELITECHS, can identify weaknesses in your email security protocol and address them by implementing preventative security measures.

As a Utah outsourced IT service provider, we also offer email management to increase your office’s productivity and take the headaches out of emailing. These services can include importing users, managing user licenses, creating groups and aliases for improved collaboration, and many more. You can maximize security, save time, and streamline communication with a comprehensive email management setup.

An Outsourced IT Department for Your Utah Business

If we had to make just one recommendation to Utah companies, this would be it. Every aforementioned tech solution can be managed by an outsourced IT department. If you know your email security could be improved, but don’t have the time- your managed IT service providers are there for you. If you want to transition to the cloud but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. Most businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to create an in-house IT department. When you choose INTELITECHS as your outsourced IT service provider, you’ll work with local IT professionals who use their technical expertise to streamline business processes and provide customized technical support. To learn more about how we design individualized IT solutions to help clients achieve their business goals, contact us today! We love helping Utah business owners.