Despite the numerous benefits and perks remote work offers to both employers and their team members, there are aspects of remote work that can be challenging. Many remote workers feel more isolated than those who are coming into the office every day. This leads to burnout and disconnection. The great news is that your team members don’t have to experience the downsides of remote work. By implementing these three tips, you can create a more connected and collaborative team, even if you’re not coming into the office.

Utilize Video Chat Software For Face-To-Face Interaction

If you’re only interacting with coworkers and employees through email, you’re missing out each others’ body language, facial features, and tone of voice – the things that add nuance to interpersonal communication. Make the most of apps like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet by scheduling face-to-face meetings, even if they’re through a screen. This type of correspondence increases engagement and helps teams feel more connected. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve collaboration among your remote team members.

Say Goodbye to Internal Emails

With chat-based communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, remote workers can create one on one conversation threads, organize group chats, and take advantage of integrated file sharing and easy search features. This method is much more convenient than sending dozens of internal emails each day and trying to keep track of where you are in the thread.

Some companies believe that chat rooms will distract remote workers, but this is a misconception. In fact, these communication tools may actually increase efficiency by helping teams quickly assemble in one place so they can organize their workflows and get information across quickly. Microsoft 365 solutions and similar communication tools keep everyone connected and show employees that you are committed to implementing more modern solutions as their needs continue to change.

Use Microsoft 365 for Ultimate Collaboration

Companies that are interested in finding a single suite of applications to address all of their remote work challenges simply need to turn to Microsoft 365. Remote employees can continue to use the app they’re used to, such as Powerpoint and Word, through the cloud, which allows for easier collaboration and reduced miscommunication. From shared calendars to video calls to document sharing, Microsoft 365 offers everything companies need to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. Microsoft 365 providers for Utah businesses can help companies implement the switch.

Utah Remote IT Services

Is it time to implement new IT strategies that will help your remote employees feel more supported and included? Our managed IT services include cloud services such as Microsoft 365. We can also assist with VPN setup, security monitoring, mobile device management, and everything your company needs to support remote workers while maintaining the best digital security. Contact us to get started.