An in-house approach to IT often leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and less secure data and systems, so many companies in Utah and the surrounding states are searching for an alternative. Other companies, like those just starting out, simply may not have the budget for an in-house team. 

To save money and streamline operations, many Utah businesses have chosen to outsource their IT department. Whether you’re a start-up with ever-increasing needs or an established business that wants to swear off in-house IT headaches for good, you can reap the financial and technical benefits of outsourced IT from INTELITECHS.

Here are three of the most compelling benefits of managed IT services for Utah businesses.

Affordable, Customized Care

With outsourced IT, you pay for what your company needs. Our outsourced IT customers receive comprehensive protection and management with an affordable monthly price tag. Companies with in-house IT departments often have to pull in outside help for server migrations and IT emergencies. These unexpected expenses make it difficult to create an accurate technology budget for the year. 

INTELITECHS offers access to experienced and knowledgeable service providers who can help with cloud computing, email management, data protection, server migrations, and more. These services are offered at a much lower price point than you could expect to pay if you worked with independent consultants for each IT project or issue.

Outsourced IT = Fewer Responsibilities for Employees

Many small companies can’t afford an in-house IT team, which means its employees are forced to spend their days troubleshooting computer and mobile device issues. When you leave these concerns to untrained employees you face a complete IT meltdown – security breaches, unplanned downtime, and more. Outsourcing your company’s IT tasks will allow your existing employees to focus their energy on more important matters like developing new services, increasing revenue, and driving your company’s success.

Increased IT Security and Monitoring

Your hardware, software, firewalls, and antivirus all need constant updating to stay ahead of cyber criminals’ newest tactics. Data encryption and authentication are also a must for protecting confidential information. Who has the time to keep these components up-to-date when they’re trying to grow a small business? With managed security services from our outsourced IT team, you won’t have to worry about complicated security monitoring software. We’ll even conduct IT security training to teach your employees about phishing attempts, VPNs, and mobile device management for remote workers.

Are you ready to benefit from managed IT services with INTELITECHS? Contact us online or by calling (801) 917-5533 to get started!