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Immediate response times, cutting-edge business technologies, rock-solid data protection.

INTELITECHS manages all aspects of IT, so you can refocus on your business.

Exciting news from INTELITECHS!

Effective August 1, 2022, we have merged with esteemed Salt Lake City-based IT services provider Nexus IT. Since we strive to become an integral extension of your organization, this victory is your victory, too. Stay tuned for future information and announcements about service enhancements and new additions to your outsourced IT Team!

Redefining Managed IT Services

Too many companies continue to overpay for an underwhelming IT partnership that does just enough to support current operations, without actively strengthening the business. Otherwise, business owners allocate time to day-to-day IT tasks that detract from profit-driving opportunities.

At INTELITECHS, we’re redesigning the managed IT service partnership – providing customized, affordable IT solutions that accelerate business growth.

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Managed IT Services Utah - IT Support Company in Salt Lake City

No Contracts

Only pay for the services you need, for as long as you need them – there are no contracts! We believe that recognizable IT results and a strong relationship with each client hold more weight than a contract ever could.

Remote or Onsite IT Support in Utah

Reliable IT support, whenever and wherever you may need us. From onsite hardware maintenance to remote data recovery, we’re prepared to help.

Dedicated To Your Business

With INTELITECHS, you’ve got more than an IT provider – you’ve got an IT partner dedicated to your business. We pride ourselves in nearly immediate IT emergency response times, in addition to designing custom-tailored IT solutions for Utah businesses.

An Industry Leading Team

Trust your business systems and data protection to Utah’s industry-leading IT professionals. Our specialists have years of hands-on industry experience, serving clients in numerous industries.

Comprehensive IT Solutions For Utah Businesses

Our comprehensive suite of IT solutions encompasses everything necessary for today’s tech-driven businesses, from secure data storage and network design to implementing new virtualized hardware solutions. To learn more about which solutions best suit your business, click on any of the icons shown below.

Outsourced IT

Outsourcing your IT needs with INTELITECHS allows you to better focus on important business opportunities. Learn more about the comprehensive managed services we offer Utah businesses like yours.

Emergency IT Support

IT emergencies can be catastrophic, especially if the correct IT systems aren’t in place for your Utah business. Learn more about INTELITECHS’ immediate emergency IT support. We can help.

Network IT Solutions

A properly designed network system is the core of every successful modern business. Designing, installing, and maintaining cutting edge network systems is our specialty. Let INTELITECHS help your business.

Email Management

With proper protective and organizational measures in place, your company’s main communication channel can be much more capable. See what INTELITECHS can do for your email systems today.

IT Hardware Sales

Providing Utah businesses with cutting edge servers, computers, and network hardware to maximize your company’s capabilities. Visit our IT hardware sales page for more information on our hardware solutions.

Data Security Solutions

Our cloud-based, protected data storage solutions will alleviate all worries you may have about losing or compromising data. Learn how INTELITECHS can help your Utah business with data storage and integration here.

Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 makes collaboration, management, and editing on the go better than ever before. Get details on how Office 365 and INTELITECHS can help mobilize your business operations here.

Cloud Services

Keep up with today’s increasingly mobile environment by consolidating all of your business systems into a centralized, convenient cloud solution. Discover the opportunity that comes with cloud integration.

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Managed IT Services Utah - IT Support Company in Salt Lake City

We’re looking forward to helping you maximize your IT system potential. Speak with an INTELITECHS professional today, or fill out the form to see how our IT services can streamline your business today!

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Common Questions About Managed IT Services

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT companies are responsible for managing their clients’ IT needs, from data security to mobile device management. Many companies outsource these needs to their managed services company so they can feel confident in their IT processes and security without paying full-time employees to manage these systems. 

Why do businesses need managed IT services?

Many small and midsize businesses simply do not have the budget to hire an in-house team of IT professionals. However, businesses of any size must be vigilant to protect themselves against threats of cyber crime and other IT emergencies. Managed IT services provide these companies with peace of mind by protecting against unexpected IT issues. 

How do managed IT services benefit your business?

Managed IT services have numerous benefits. Pricing is often more affordable than maintaining an in-house IT department, and most managed providers offer custom service packages that fit into their client’s budget. Managed IT also allows the company’s employees to focus on core tasks while experiencing less downtime; team members aren’t forced to troubleshoot their own IT issues.  

What is the difference between managed services and outsourcing?

Outsourced IT is generally on demand and is utilized when an issue arises. Managed services companies have contracts with their clients to provide proactive IT support. Since managed services providers instate comprehensive IT systems and policies, the likelihood of a cyber attack or IT emergency is often greatly decreased. This, in turn, means that companies spend less on reactive emergency services.

How much do managed IT services cost?

Each company has different IT needs. One of the best benefits of managed IT services is that your business only pays for the services it needs. Your contract can be adjusted and services scaled up or down to address your company’s growth or its changing IT goals. Although there are wide ranging costs depending on your needs, most companies find that managed IT services are less expensive than trying to maintain their IT in-house.

Why use managed IT services?

Managed IT services are convenient, stress-free, and affordable. INTELITECHS offers managed IT that meets your company’s needs without charging you for extra services or locking you into a restrictive contract. We value efficient communication, so we will keep your team up-to-date on IT security updates and potential threats while still allowing you to focus on your business – you won’t get bogged down by the details. 

Wondering how to choose a managed IT provider?

Choose a managed IT provider whose team members have experience handling your IT needs & is trustworthy. This is the most important factor to consider. You may also want to choose a provider that has fair pricing and is willing to customize its services to suit your needs. A provider shouldn’t force you to pay for services you’ll never get any value from. 

Why are managed IT services important?

Managed IT services are important for companies of any size because they increase security and efficiency while remaining affordable. You may think your business is too small to worry about IT, but if you use computers or mobile devices in your daily operations, you can bet there is room to improve how smoothly they run and how protected they are. IT downtime can be crippling for businesses of all sizes; managed IT service providers minimize that downtime to keep your business running as usual.

What does a managed service provider do?

A managed IT service provider handles any and all aspects of a company’s IT systems and needs. Vital services for most companies include data security, mobile device management, data backups, and the management of hardware and software. A managed services provider can also assist with server migrations, employee IT training, and hardware sales, all based on your company’s needs. 

Which are the best managed IT services providers in Utah?

The best managed services providers in Utah will be responsive, respectful, and experienced. INTELITECHS strives to build lasting relationships with our clients so they know they can trust our opinions and expertise. We aim to be the best of the managed services providers by becoming the people you go to for help and to get things done, where you don’t feel belittled or ignored.

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Very Professional

The guys at Intelitechs are very professional. I’ve always preferred face-to-face business and this is just what they offer. Nothing is worse than trying to do tech support over the phone with some guy you’ve never met. They will be my go-to guys for all of my future tech needs.   Blake Densley


I work out of my home office in the solar energy industry. Keeping my machines running well is of paramount importance to me. I am new to Intelitechs and my first experiences has been excellent. Jake and Blake are great to work. I look forward to a long relationships with Intelitechs.   Ron Barness