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INTELITECHS network technicians’ services are available to you around the clock—no matter the hour, one of our elite IT team members is only a phone call away. Relying on Outsourced IT is a great way to receive the services of expert network technicians without a contract. INTELITECHS technicians are available in Salt Lake City, UT 24 hours a day—either through part-time, full-time, on-call, onsite, or remote options. And with INTELITECHS, as always, you only pay for the hours we work for you.



INTELITECHS is a local IT Support and Technical Business Consulting company outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, and we tailor the way we operate to meet your individual needs. Our services include: Outsourced IT, Technical Business Consulting, Managed Maintenance, Emergency Tech Support, Email Management, Data Backup and Recovery, and much more! No matter the size of your company or the extent of your Outsourced IT needs, our network technicians can lend their services to your office.

Far more coverage than your average IT department…

Our team of elite network technicians is fully trained to handle any technical disasters you may have in your Utah office. From recovery to backup, our experienced network technicians are ready to meet all of your Outsourced IT needs. At INTELITECHS, our services never require a contract, so you only pay for the hours we work for you. Our methods ensure that our clients get the best value possible, and that they come back for our reliable assistance time and again. Implementing the Outsourced IT services from INTELITECHS saves you time, money, and a lot of headaches. 

Outsourced IT across the Wasatch Front…

At INTELITECHS, we believe that hiring in-house network technicians can be an unnecessary expenditure. This is why we offer our Outsourced IT services throughout the state in Ogden, Orem, Salt Lake City, Davis Country, and Utah County without a contract. At INTELITECHS, our services are available whenever and wherever, with remote support from one of our network technicians.

Try our services for FREE…

At INTELITECHS, we offer the best hosted exchange product on the market. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our hosted exchange product that we provide in the Salt Lake City area, that we are willing to offer this service free of charge for 30 days. When you are ready to cut the expense of an in-house exchange, give INTELITECHS a call at (801) 917-5533.

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